Day 63: No Humpback

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Do you find yourself slouching over your desk after long hours doing close-up work? Not only does this simple exercise reduce the possibility of getting a humpback, but doing this exercise daily over a period of two or more months can actually remove symptoms of a existing humpback. As an added perk, this exercise can alleviate a double chin. Isn't aging fun?

Step 1: Sit in a chair that doesn't have a tilting back.

Step 2: Keep feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. The heels of your feet should be directly under the backs of your knees.

Step 3: Balance your upper body with equal weight on both sides of your butt. Hang your arms over the back of your chair with fingers interlaced and palms together. Notice which thumb is on top.

Step 4: Keeping your breastbone lifted, breathe naturally and drop your head back over the back of your chair. Look at the ceiling with a softened focus and notice your peripheral vision. Breathe deeply.

Step 5: Lower your shoulders. Stretch your hands away from your body and up.

Step 6: Slowly open and close your mouth and stick out your tongue.

Step 7: Close your mouth and carefully return to an upright position.

Step 8: Repeat, but when you interlace your fingers, put the other thumb on top.

Repeat for a total of 30 seconds.

This exercise comes to us from Office Yoga  by Diana Fairechild. This book is designed to help office workers prevent the tightness and misalignments caused by office tasking. The author believes the exercises presented in this book will make you more effective at work. The exercises are office-friendly - you don't need special clothes or equipment to perform them. The book also includes a sweet symptom chart that lists possible body problem areas and directs the reader to exercises that are specifically geared toward alleviating those problems.

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