Day 52: Jumping Lunge

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Today's office fitness tip comes to us from Mandi Clossey of Somerset CPAs in Indianapolis. Lunge exercises are great on the thighs, and this one will force you to get up from your desk. We guarantee you will feel energized after doing these lunges.

Step 1: Stand up.

Step 2: Step forward in a lunge position with right leg until knee is bent 90 degrees.

Step 3: Jump up, pushing off the floor with both feet. Switch legs in midair so that when you land, the left foot is forward in a lunge.

Step 4: Continue, alternating sides, for a total of 10 lunges on each leg.

Clossey, who operates the Web site Team BeachBody, is willing talk to anyone or provide information for office challenges, as well as consult on health/fitness.Clossey also maintains a Facebook page where she provides fitness tips as well as tips for dealing with hectic busy schedules.

You can read more about the fitness activities at Somerset CPAs.

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