Day 44: Chair Twists

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According to Nora Forziati, certified yoga instructor and owner of Half Moon Yoban and Wellness in Contoocook, NH, the Chair Twists help create a healthy back, and they can help prevent bone loss and loss of flexibility in the spine

Step 1: Sit up tall in your chair with your feet flat on the ground.

Step 2: With your left hand in your lap, start to twist your body toward right side,

Step 3: As you turn, hold the edge of your chair back with your right hand.

Step 4: Continue to twist around; if you can reach the back of the chair with right hand, do so. Make sure the twisting is coming from your mid-section and you're not pulling yourself around with your arm.

Step 5: Once you've twisted as far as you can go, hold the stretch for 30 seconds and make sure you keep breathing. Feel the twisting in your mid-section and your spine.

Step 6: Return to face front.

Step 7: Repeat on left side.

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