Day 32: Pushups on desk

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Today's exercise, sent to us from fitness professional Cindy Whitmarsh, is great to break up tension in your neck and build strength in your upper body.

Step 1: Stand, facing your desk, with your hands on the edge of the desk, feet shoulder width apart and about two feet away from your desk.

Step 2: Contract your shoulder blades together behind you, pull your belly in.

Step 3: Begin the decline pushup as you bend your elbows and draw your chest to the edge of the desk. Go down as far as you can without compromising your form.

Step 4: Push back up to standing position.

Repeat 10 times, take a break, then do two more sets of 10.

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About the author:

Cindy Whitmarsh is a 17-year veteran fitness professional. She has a bachelor's degree in corporate and community fitness/nutrition from North Dakota State University, and she holds credentials of ACE Certified Fitness Instructor, ACE Certified Lifestyle and Weight management, and NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist. She has appeared in multiple infomercials, ExerciseTV features, and various news and fitness segments, is the author of "101 Ways to Workout with Weights" as well as two ultrafit cookbooks, and is a nutrition/fitness consultant to many athletes including San Diego Charger football players, San Diego Charger girls, and professional baseball players. For more information, visit her Web site.



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