Day 30: Magic Carpet Ride and Wooden Leg

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Today we are poking around the Web for some quick exercises to add to our library. Here are some suggestions we found at You don't have to get up from your desk chair to do these exercises.

Magic Carpet Ride

This exercise works your body core and your arms.

Step 1: Sit in a chair that has armrests.

Step 2: Sit cross-legged with your feet on the seat of the chair.

Step 3: Place your hands on the armrests.

Step 4: While sucking in your stomach, raise your body a few inches above the seat.

Step 5: Hold for 10-20 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds.

Repeat five times.

Wooden Leg

This exercise focuses on lower body strength.

Step 1: Sit upright in your chair.

Step 2: Extend your right leg straight out in front of you so that it is parallel with the floor.

Step 3: Hold for two seconds.

Step 4: Raise your leg as high as it can go without bending.

Step 5: Hold for two seconds.

Step 6: Bring your leg back to the floor.

Step 7: Repeat exercise using your left leg.

Repeat the exercise with each leg 15 times.

See the complete library of Workplace Fitness exercises.


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