Day 26: Wrist stretches can prevent injury

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If you have concerns about straining your wrists, getting carpal tunnel syndrome, or facing other nasty wrist issues due to keeping your hands glued to a keyboard all day, you'll appreciate learning that there are some exercises you can do that help prevent all of these issues.

Start with a warm up to loosen your wrists, then do some stretches.

Step 1: Raise your hands to chest height.

Step 2: Shake your hands like you're trying to shake off something sticky that won't let go.

Step 3: Separate and straighten your fingers until the tension of a stretch is felt. Hold for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Relax, then bend fingers at the knuckles and hold 10 seconds.

Step 5: Interlace your fingers in front of you.

Step 6: Rotate your hands and wrists clockwise 10 times.

Step 7: Repeat the rotation counterclockwise 10 times.

Step 8: With your right arm held straight out, turn the palm of the hand up.

Step 9: Reach under your forearm with your left hand and hold your right thumb and inside of palm.

Step 10: With your left hand, slowly turn your right hand out and down until you feel a mild stretch.

Step 11: Hold the stretch for 10 seconds.

Step 12: Repeat for your other arm.

Reprinted from Stretching in the Office.

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