Year-end Tax Planning Special

It's hard to believe it's that time again, but with the 2018 Tax Season nearly upon us, we want to help you ensure your clients are as prepared as they can be. As such, we have assembled this collection of articles to better guide them through the annual process (and may offer some useful tips for you as well).

tax preparer
Jan 4th 2018
Taxpayers who don’t want to brave filing IRS tax forms on their own will be eager to find preparers, and soon. The IRS offers nine tips for...
Dec 28th 2017
Tax season may strike some practitioners as something to successfully “get through” without compromising their minimal service standards (...
tax filings
Dec 27th 2017
Yes, accountants, it’s that time of the year with the holidays followed by the cold, dark days of… busy season. But the IRS has weighed in...
strategic thinking
Dec 20th 2017
For your clients who are slackers about preparing their tax documentation, the IRS is offering tips to help ease the pain of busy season...
Hackers are always on the hunt for valuable, easily accessible data, and accountancies are some of the best places to get that sort of data...
Dec 13th 2017
Practitioners often make the mistake of working so hard IN their practice during tax season that they forget to allocate time to working ON...
women accountants
Dec 4th 2017
Yes, accountants, it’s that time of the year full of fun holiday events followed by the cold, dark days of... busy season. But the IRS has...
couple financial advice
Dec 4th 2017
We have all been there. We have a car that we take to the dealer because the “check engine” light is on. The dealership tells us it will...
man in paper storm
Nov 29th 2017
A lot of people assume April is the most stressful time for accountants, but if you specialize in accounting for small to medium-sized...
Nov 29th 2017
Tax season is only a couple months away and now is the time to take steps to make it your best year yet. At the time of year when tax...