The Process of Steering the Ship

Last year Amy Vetter's series The Process of Righting the Ship, offered essential insights into how to deal with present and even future challenges at your firm. This next series of articles will focus on how to take that learning and apply it in more practical ways into your firm and client work.

man meditating on his desk
Sep 22nd 2017
The arrival of cloud technology and artificial intelligence has brought great change and potential, however concurrently it also inspires...
Aug 10th 2017
Last month, I took a look back at some of the pieces I’ve written for AccountingWEB over the years, and how they hold up today. This month...
Jul 31st 2017
Reflecting on the past can serve as a helpful reminder of how quickly things can change and how important it is to be prepared for what’s...
Mar 1st 2017
In a previous installment of this column, I talked about how to go beyond accounting services and serve as the trusted advisor for your...
woman meditating on a desk
Feb 15th 2017
Although there is one extra day in this year’s season , that likely won’t stop those tense tax-time clients worrying about everything from...