The Process of Righting the Ship

In this series, Amy Vetter, CPA and Global Vice President, Education & Head of Accounting, USA at Xero offers you essential insight into how to deal with present and even future challenges at your firm, as well as advice on how to evolve your practice to better meet the needs of your clients and quite possibly become a Next Generation firm. 


Feb 25th 2016
If you want to operate a next-generation accounting firm, you’re going to need to expand your horizons, both figuratively and literally...
hands on growth charts
May 2nd 2016
Busy season is over and hopefully you took, or are on, a much-needed break. But once you’re back in the office, it’s important to reflect...
May 12th 2016
Imagine you have a group of students scheduled to tour your office and participate in an upcoming information session. Seems simple, right...
woman sharing a heart with a coworker
Jun 16th 2016
The average American between the age of 25 and 54 typically spends about nine hours a day working. With 251 working days in the 2016...
Jul 21st 2016
You’ve decided to start your own accounting practice. Congratulations! Whether you are branching out on your own after years with a larger...
businessman walking up steps into the clouds
Aug 29th 2016
Accounting professionals are now in a position they have wanted to be in for a long time. With a lot of the manual processes that were...
millennials playing foosball at the office
Sep 28th 2016
The rise of the millennial workforce has seen a proliferation in perks and a shift in expectations of workplace culture, some of which have...
older businessman speaking with younger businessman
Dec 14th 2016
There’s no question accountancy has seen a vast amount of change in the past few centuries, and in more recent history, a once paper-...