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Technology strategy for the Accounting firm

Having an IT strategy is essential for growing and sustaining your practice, regardless of its size. AccountingWEB is teaming up with AbacusNEXT throughout 2018 to examine why it is so essential, and to explore all aspects of building an IT strategy -- even without an IT department -- from conception to execution and beyond.

business man with colored umbrella
Jul 30th 2018
Small accounting firms rarely consider advanced insurance protection and instead opt for standard insurance like errors and omissions,...
person facing IT threats on laptop
Jun 18th 2018
When an accounting firm first starts growing, employees make IT and data storage decisions on the go, but before you know it, different...
people in a meeting looking at computer monitor
Apr 18th 2018
Following the recent SamSam hack on five of 13 local government departments in Georgia, we are once again left wondering if there is...
office workers in discussion around computers
Jan 24th 2018
The thieves of today don’t typically break into banks or have getaway cars, they sit at a computer thousands of miles away sending attacks...
office workers in discussion around computers
Feb 13th 2018
In my first article, we looked at three critical reasons why you need a firm IT strategy in 2018, but how can you make sure that the...
woman in dark server room on a computer
Mar 9th 2018
Over the past year we saw a record-breaking high of 1,579 data breaches, as such accounting firm leadership around the world have security...