pick the right software vendor
May 17th 2019
As accountants, the propensity to participate in the selection of accounting technology applications for clients continues to evolve from a...
diversify revenue streams
Apr 3rd 2019
As Michael Gerber says, “Most small businesses don’t work ….. the owner does!” Small business ownership is seen as the dream destination...
retaining clients
Mar 4th 2019
Let’s get one thing straight: Technology is not replacing you anytime soon. However, it is performing some of your previous functions. So,...
Tips on pricing new services
Feb 5th 2019
So you’ve decided to offer software advisory services to your clients. Now what? Well, first, there are some key questions to answer,...
How to partner with vendors
Jan 11th 2019
The symbiotic relationship between accounting and technology promises to enhance client/advisor relationships, drive efficiency within...