People making home improvements
Oct 7th 2019
As Dorothy famously said in the Wizard of Oz , "There’s no place like home," but she wasn’t talking about taxes. Yet, the tax benefits...
retaining clients
Oct 1st 2019
“Estate planning” is a term that is often tossed around loosely. Essentially, this is the manner in which you put your financial affairs in...
people filling food donation boxes
Sep 27th 2019
If you build a rapport with your clients, you can step in and offer a range of services to accommodate this need. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act...
Sep 23rd 2019
Are many of your clients self-employed? The ranks are swelling thanks in part to the “gig economy.” According to Bureau of Labor Statistics...
pre-tax retirement
Sep 16th 2019
When your clients are in the midst of their careers and raising children, saving for college is often the top financial priority. That’s...
business people walk with luggage through an airport
Sep 9th 2019
For decades, the IRS has closely scrutinized deductions for travel and entertainment (T&E), expenses, often challenging write-offs...
save for college
Sep 4th 2019
Even for affluent clients, the tab for a child’s college education is a tough nut to crack. According to recent statistics from Lending...