University Receives $405,000 Donation from IDEA Academic Partnership

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The University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston) has joined the IDEA Academic Partnership and received a network license of IDEA® - Data Analysis Software to help business students gain a competitive edge by working with the same technology used by accounts, auditors, and financial professionals.
The in-kind donation, valued at $405,000, will enable hundreds of students to learn hands-on data analysis techniques to help their future employers get to the root cause of fraud, waste, and abuse within their organization. UMass Boston joins more than 160 colleges and universities throughout the United States that participate in the IDEA Academic Partnership, which is focused on helping students develop critical thinking skills and gain valuable experience. 
"The College of Management is pleased to be a part of the IDEA Academic Partnership and looks forward to offering its undergraduate and graduate students this cutting-edge data analysis tool," said Dean Philip L. Quaglieri. "It's a marvelous gift that will certainly better prepare them for exciting career opportunities."
Professor Surjit Tinaikar said, "IDEA will provide our students with a valuable tool to hone their data analysis skills and thereby maintain high standards of professional excellence in the fields of accounting and auditing."
"For twenty-five years, IDEA has been the tool of choice among major accounting firms, corporations, and various government institutions because it gives the user a 360-degree view of data and 100 percent coverage," said Dana Newman, director of IDEA Academic Partnership. "By using IDEA in the classroom and taking that knowledge into the workforce after graduation, UMass Boston students will learn how to look at data from different angles to see the big picture, identify relationships and patterns, and explore transactional data in depth. That knowledge will help them add value to their future employers and their profession."
The IDEA Academic Partnership is sponsored by Audimation Services, Inc., the sole US distributor of IDEA, CaseWare Monitor, and SmartExporter. Participation is offered at no cost to US accredited college and university educators. Additional information is available on the Audimation Services website.
IDEA is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to help accounting and financial professionals extend their auditing capabilities, detect fraud, and meet documentation standards. It allows users to quickly import, join, analyze, sample, and extract data from almost any source, including reports printed to a file, such as PDFs. With unlimited file size capabilities and an intuitive user interface, IDEA has the ability to analyze large volumes of data in seconds. IDEA is used in sixteen languages in more than ninety countries by major accounting firms, government, corporations in all industry sectors, and by universities as a teaching tool.
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