Thomson Reuters Fifth Annual Partner Summits Sell Out in Record Time

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The Tax and Accounting Business of Thomson Reuters has announced selling every seat to its fifth annual Partner Summits in just thirty-six minutes. The two-day strategic visioning forum is aimed at principals from tax and accounting firms nationwide, and it has sold out for its fourth consecutive year. Coming to seven US cities starting May 16, the event will be presented to forty participants at each location. 
Small and intimate by design, the Partner Summits are the most exclusive of the Tax & Accounting Thought Leadership events. They feature individualized instruction on big-picture aspects of firm management from technology and workflow experts, on topics that include adapting to new challenges in the profession and formulating a growth strategy, among others. 
Attendees will also receive individualized instruction on best practices and progressive workflow trends in the profession, and they will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other professionals in a small-group setting. At the summit's close, attendees will develop a customized, actionable plan that maps out a path to a more efficient, profitable, and tech-savvy future for their firm.
The 2012 Partner Summit cities and dates are:
May 16-17; San Antonio, TX
May 23-24; Phoenix, AZ
June 13-14; Atlanta, GA
July 25-26; Baltimore, MD
August 1-2; Kansas City, MO
August 22-23; Chicago, IL
September 19-20; New Orleans, LA
"Last year's Summits sold out in just under six hours. This year's sold out in 36 minutes. I really don't know what to expect next year," said Scott Fleszar, vice president of Strategic Marketing for Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters. "It's been very exciting to see the continued success of Partner Summits over the years. With only forty seats for each forum, we can offer a level of individualized attention that really sets the event apart. Partner Summits offer a broader business perspective on the profession rather than product or compliance training. They're about looking at how to more effectively run a practice, build business, and serve clients."
The Partner Summits will feature presentations from M. Darren Root, CPA, CITP, CEO of RootWorks, as well as Tony Frigo and Therese Witherow, both senior technical trainers with Thomson Reuters. The events will also include fine dining, social events, networking, and more. 
For more information on the 2012 Partner Summits, visit
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