Virtual TimeClock '12 Makes Time Card Management Even Easier

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Employers looking for an easier way to manage employee time cards will appreciate the new features and redesigned interface in the April 9 release of Virtual TimeClock '12 from Redcort Software, Inc. A simple, new user interface for clocking in, out, and managing elapsed time for activities ensures that hours are easily and accurately recorded. With new support for QuickBooks, employee hours and overtime flow from Virtual TimeClock directly into QuickBooks time sheets for fast, error-free payroll processing.

The new QuickBooks payroll integration joins Virtual TimeClock support for Paychex, SurePayroll, PayChoice, AccountEdge, and CheckMark Payroll, providing employers flexibility and choice in their time clock payroll solution. Posey Hedges of Old City Millwork in Tennessee has been using Virtual TimeClock for the last four years. "Virtual TimeClock has become a business tool we cannot do without." Hedges commented, "Now with QuickBooks integration, our record keeping just got even easier."

"Virtual TimeClock '12 is our most ambitious upgrade in a decade," said Keith DeLong, CEO of Redcort Software. "Many of our larger customers have asked us for secure and simplified user options." Because adding new options can bring unwanted complexity, DeLong continued, "The really hard work for us was reengineering the entire user experience to make a more powerful and flexible Virtual TimeClock even easier to set up, manage, and use."

Virtual TimeClock's new user options include numeric and alphanumeric entry options and a new individual interface that creates a personal time clock for users when privacy is a concern. Elias Rodriguez, campus technologist for Leander ISD in Leander, Texas, has deployed Virtual TimeClock throughout his school district for student time tracking. He appreciates the benefits of Virtual TimeClock's new PIN interface saying, "Students will no longer have to search through a list of 1,200 names. This immediate access will allow more time for personalized instruction. And with more instruction, the student has a greater chance of success in his or her upcoming assessment."

Included with the introduction of new user options, Virtual TimeClock '12 includes a new Configuration Center that facilities easy program setup and maintenance. New administrative and manager toolbars make it easy to find and perform common administrative actions. At the request of network users concerned about security, the Virtual TimeClock suite includes a new User Client application that allows use of the time clock without any administrative features. A new time source option rounds out the new security features by using an Internet Time Server for added confidence in the accuracy and integrity of all time card entries.
A complete list of Virtual TimeClock '12 new features and a fully functional free trial of Virtual TimeClock software is available at the Redcort Software website. Free trials are available for the Basic, Pro, and Network Editions of Virtual TimeClock. Pricing for Virtual TimeClock '12 starts at $99 (USD). Annual software maintenance and support as well as generously discounted upgrade pricing are available. Full pricing details are available online at the Redcort Software store.