THRIVEal Releases 'Pioneering the New Firm' Course

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Jason M. Blumer, CPA, CITP, and founder of the THRIVEal +CPA Network (THRIVEal), is pleased to announce the recent completion of its popular "Pioneering the New Firm (PNF)" coaching course in a new self-study format. Successfully launched last year with seven CPA firms from around the country, the coaching course contains teaching focused on entrepreneurial topics for current or prospective CPA firm owners, such as value pricing, creative pricing strategies, strategic client selection, knowledge management, process design, proper uses of technology, and leadership.
With the creation of the online private Yammer community this year, THRIVEal members are more involved in engaging, empowering, and encouraging each other, so a self-study course made sense for the members to give greater access to the coaching series this year. "The members are now able to teach, challenge, and help each other grow through our Yammer platform. So we thought it might be better to put twenty-two videos to the original live coaching course and allow members to self-pace through the PNF course," said Jason Blumer. "Education on the soft skills side is so lacking in our profession. We have spent hundreds of hours researching, building, and releasing this material to challenge firms to become creative businesses, not just conservative firms." 
Carol L LeBlanc, CPA, a brand new Tribe leader in the network and alumni of the 2011 PNF coaching course said, "I loved the PNF coaching course. The information was invaluable! I value the connections I have made and feel that I have a very strong support system in Jason and my fellow accountants from the course moving forward as I build my firm. I highly recommend making the investment in your firm." 
The self-study course is essentially the same course as the live course, with twenty-two strategic video pieces prepared by Jason Blumer, added to the course. The investment to participate in the self-study course is $1,200 per person. Multiple members of the same firm are allowed a lower pricing structure. The live course requires a minimum of five individual registrations and includes live sessions with Jason Blumer after each day's reading and question session. The live course investment is $4,795 per person.
You can learn more or register for the PNF coaching course on the THRIVEal website.