Thomson Reuters Releases Reference Guides and Continuing Education Solutions to Satisfy IRS Requirements for Registered Tax Return Preparers

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Thomson Reuters has released, via its Checkpoint Learning and Quickfinder product lines, new courses, bundled subscription packages, and quick reference guides that meet IRS requirements for Registered Tax Return Preparers (RTRPs). 

The IRS now requires preparers of Form 1040 tax returns to pass a competency exam to become RTRPs. This is the first year (2012) the IRS requires RTRPs to complete 15 continuing professional education (CPE) credits. 
"We're excited to offer solutions in conjunction with Quickfinder that enable preparers to conveniently and cost-effectively meet the requirements for RTRPs," said Ken Koskay, vice president of learning solutions for the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters. "Many tax return preparers are familiar with Quickfinder Handbooks. Now they have two options that deliver Quickfinder content alongside the continuing education products they need, at substantial savings."
Highlights of the bundled packages include:
  • Registered Tax Return Preparer CPE + Quickfinder Big Bundle - This annual subscription includes courses needed to prepare for the RTRP exam and complete the annual CPE requirements, as well as critical tax handbooks essential for tax preparation season. It includes 15 online courses, an online exam preparation course, course tracking and requirement monitoring, 1040 Quickfinder Handbook - RTRP edition, Small Business Quickfinder Handbook, and All States Quickfinder Handbook. The bundle is significantly discounted from individual course and handbook subscriptions.
  • Quickfinder Self-study Course Trio - This package provides three new courses that, together, satisfy the IRS annual requirement of 15 CPE credits. It includes Ethics for RTRPs, Form1040 for RTRPs, and Form 1040 and Schedule C and F expenses for RTRPs. The bundle is discounted from individual subscriptions.

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