Thomson Reuters Releases Learning Solutions for U.S. Registered Tax Return Preparers

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Thomson Reuters has released, under its Checkpoint Learning continuing professional education (CPE) brand, a comprehensive subscription offering to help practitioners prepare for the IRS' Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) examination, meet annual CPE requirements, and monitor their progress.
The IRS now requires preparers of Form 1040 tax returns to pass a competency exam to become RTRPs. Additionally, 2012 is the first year that the IRS requires RTRPs to complete 15 annual CPE credits. 
"To help preparers meet these requirements, we've developed more than 180 continuing education courses in a variety of media formats. Plus, we've launched the Registered Tax Return Preparer CPE Package, an annual subscription that includes the online courses to meet annual IRS requirements and an automated compliance tracking tool. Customers who subscribe this year will also receive a comprehensive online exam preparation course for free with this package," said Ken Koskay, vice president of learning solutions, Thomson Reuters.
Checkpoint Learning's products for RTRPs include: 
  • IRS exam preparation courses, which cover all topics that tax preparers must understand to pass the IRS's exam, such as collecting taxpayer data, reporting income and assets, treatment of deductions and credits, and industry ethics. Courses are available for CPE credit in online, live seminar, and webinar formats, authored (respectively) under Thomson Reuters' product lines: MicroMash, Gear Up, and Checkpoint Learning Webinars.
  • CPE courses, which address the IRS' annual CPE credit requirements, covering such topics as federal tax law, federal tax updates, Form 1040, Schedules C and F expenses, income, capital gains, deductions, depreciation, credits, penalties, issues, and more. These courses are available in interactive online, webinar, downloadable self-study, and live seminars from Thomson Reuters' brands: PASS Online, MicroMash, PPC, Quickfinder, Gear Up, AuditWatch, and Checkpoint Learning Webinars.RTRP Regulator, which allows users to search and identify courses that fulfill the IRS' annual CPE requirements and automates submission of course completion results. It provides a history of courses, a calendar of upcoming activities, e-mail reminders, and printable certificates. 
Checkpoint Learning's RTRP bundled subscription includes:
  • RTRP CPE Package, which includes sixteen interactive online courses that meet the IRS' annual CPE requirements, the RTRP Regulator for CPE tracking, and, for a limited time, an online IRS exam preparation course. In addition, three Quickfinder handbooks (including the 1040 Handbook edition that is customized for RTRPs) can be added for additional cost savings.
Learn more about Checkpoint Learning's RTRP offerings online or call (800) 231-1860.