Thomson Reuters Offers New Way to Manage Documents with Workpapers CS

The tax and accounting business of Thomson Reuters recently released Workpapers CS®, which offers a new way to manage workpapers and source documents in a seamless, end-to-end workflow. 
Available in both on-premise and cloud-based formats, Workpapers CS incorporates a variety of features that make it easier to manage documents and data, perform trial balance calculations, and collaborate with other firm staff members. Features include:
  • Ability to process all types of live workpapers and link balances to the trial balance.
  • Instant collaboration, with the ability to share workpapers, comments, and instructions with staff in real time.
  • Simplified workpaper organization, assignments, and routing for digital review and expedited processing.  
  • Efficient, flexible trial balance reporting and financial statement editing capabilities.
Scott Fleszar, vice president, Strategic Marketing, Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters, said the new software brings new efficiencies to workpaper management, creating a more streamlined, organized workflow with every type of engagement. 
"Workpapers CS represents a shift in how practitioners choose to manage workpapers going forward," Fleszar said. "Whether the engagement is tax return preparation, an audit, or anything in between, Workpapers CS will do much more of the heavy lifting to centralize information, processing, document management, and storage – and collaboration is easier than ever before."

More information about Workpapers CS is available at