Thomson Reuters and HotDocs to Collaborate

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The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters has entered into an agreement with HotDocs Corporation, a provider of automated document generation, to develop applications for the Thomson Reuters Checkpoint® online information platform. 

Through the alliance, HotDocs already provides the technology behind Interactive Decision Tools, now available through Checkpoint. 
Interactive Decision Tools helps tax professionals, accountants, and auditors resolve routine, yet complex, issues in their daily workflow. Through HotDocs technology, dynamic tools are created in a question-and-answer interview format that guides professionals through the decision-making process for a particular issue. 
"Interactive Decision Tools is the first to market in our industry and the first application developed through our relationship with HotDocs," said Steve Zelman, Senior Vice President, Checkpoint platform, Thomson Reuters. "Over the course of our alliance, we'll work together to develop additional tools that deeply integrate with Checkpoint content to enhance the professional's work experience."  
Thomson Reuters' agreement with HotDocs offers Checkpoint subscribers: 
  • Seamless access from any location within Checkpoint to quickly locate the decision tool they need. 
  • Tight integration between the decision tools and relevant content on Checkpoint, including applicable primary source materials, expert analyses, and guidance. 
  • The ability for a professional, at any developmental level, to answer logic-based questions and confidently arrive at the correct result.
  • Additional efficiency and accuracy through automated calculations based on specific results.
  • Customizable templates, such as letters and memos, to communicate conclusions and recommendations to clients.
"Our alliance with Thomson Reuters delivers powerful, flexible, and insightful decision tools for tax, accounting, and audit professionals," said Russell Shepherd, CEO, HotDocs Corporation. "I'm pleased that Thomson Reuters selected our HotDocs Developer and HotDocs Server to offer state-of-the-art, automated, productivity tools to their customers."