Tamlin Software Developers Acquires Dominion Software

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On May 1, 2012, Tamlin Software Developers acquired Dominion Software in Brevard, North Carolina, an AccountMate reseller whose customers work primarily in manufacturing and distribution. According to Linda Bryan, CEO of Tamlin Software, the acquisition is significant because it widens Tamlin's presence throughout other parts of the United States.
"Over the last several years, we were successful in achieving two goals," says Bryan. "First, we increased our geographic scope on the West Coast through the acquisition of several AccountMate resellers. Second, we continue to work with other AccountMate resellers around the country with their customers to advise on, and install, Tamlin's Manufacturing Conductor software. Now, with Dominion's location in North Carolina, we have created a new East Coast presence that is certain to prove beneficial for Tamlin and other AccountMate resellers."
Dominion's owners, Patty Sullivan and Mitchell Thorp, are now employees of Tamlin, but they will continue working directly with their previous customers through summer 2013 as well as assisting Tamlin with its own current customer base.
"The key benefit to our manufacturing customers is that they will now have access to the strength and abilities of Tamlin's Manufacturing Conductor," says Sullivan. "In addition, Dominion was a small company. As a result of the acquisition, our customers will now have immediate access to a much larger number advisors and programmers who can support and help them with all of their needs."