Swizznet Offers Short-term Leasing Option for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Swizznet, the QuickBooks hosting and online accounting solution provider, announced August 12 a new month-to-month leasing option for Intuit's QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0, America's best-selling small business accounting software. By offering a leasing option, Swizznet gives small- to medium-size business customers (SMBs) an affordable solution for adding temporary or short-term QuickBooks users to its subscription without incurring the full licensing and annual support fees. 
Swizznet's cost-saving solution enables accounting firms and other SMBs to add individual QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions users in thirty-day increments during high-volume periods, such as tax season, without severely impacting the bottom line. And, since the leasing option is paired with Swizznet's industry-leading application hosting service, customers and their clients have an anytime/anywhere secure platform for accessing and sharing documents and data via any computer or mobile device. 
"Combining a QuickBooks lease with the power of Swizznet's Cloud hosting is a terrific option for business owners that have fluctuating staff levels or who don't have the upfront capital to purchase the Enterprise licenses," said Kristin Callan, COO, Swizznet. "Plus, with Swizznet, you never have to worry about software updates - you and your staff are always using the latest version. Leasing is also an attractive alternative to QuickBooks' standard five-user packs for those businesses needing to add just a single user."
Swizznet's QuickBooks hosting and Cloud computing solution delivers a complete virtual office without the cost of maintaining a network. Utilizing industry-leading Citrix technology, users get the benefits of a robust network without the required investment, including unlimited data storage. It's a reliable way to collaborate and share sensitive accounting information and other documents with an internal bookkeeping team or remote consultants.
A few of the convenient features of Intuit's QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0:
  • Business data at a glance
  • Report customization
  • Automatic tracking of taxable deductions
  • Sales order fulfillment track sheets
  • Inventory stock status
  • Customer profiles
  • Automatic conversions (i.e., US Dollars to Euros)
  • Batched time sheets
QuickBooks Enterprise, hosted by Swizznet, is just $114.99 per user, per month. For more information, call 1-888-SWIZZ-IT (1-888-794-9948).