Swizznet Is First to Offer Hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale in a Multilane Environment

Swizznet, the QuickBooks hosting and online accounting solution provider, is expanding its offerings by being the first to offer Cloud-hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 for both single and multilane environments. The multilane capability allows retailers with more than one cash register to utilize the service – whether it's at multiple locations or multiple points of sale within one store. With multilane, retailers benefit from instant access to financial data that gives a complete picture of all of their sales and inventory from all points of sale. Swizznet collaborated with Intuit for months on Cloud-enabling multilane.

"Swizznet is excited to be first to offer Cloud-hosted Point of Sale for multilane environments," said Kristin Callan, COO, Swizznet. "Our customers have been requesting this capability for some time, and we are confident that the time we've taken to perfect this single- and multilane-hosted solution has resulted in one of the most reliable and robust online accounting/POS offerings to date. We're very proud to again prove our technical leadership by delivering a hosted service that was previously impossible."
QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 provides the payment processing, detailed sales and inventory reports, and customer shopping histories needed to help the nation's 2.8 million small businesses grow. This most recent version includes Intuit's GoPayment mobile feature that allows a business to accept credit and debit cards on a mobile phone or tablet, with all mobile sales and inventory information syncing with QuickBooks to keep records accurate and up-to-date.
Businesses choosing Swizznet's Cloud-hosted version of QuickBooks Point of Sale do so for the same reason they choose Swizznet's hosted QuickBooks – it allows them to focus on growing their business and not on IT. By utilizing Swizznet's solutions, business owners and accountants don't have to become IT experts. Swizznet and its US-based technical support and engineering teams assist with implementation and are on call for any need that may arise. Additionally, customers cite the anywhere/anytime access to their accounting software and financial systems that hosted solutions provide as a key benefit, allowing them to manage their business wherever they are, anytime of the day or night.
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