Redesigned Paychex Accountant Knowledge Center Delivers Industry-Leading Features

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Paychex, Inc., a provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses, announced the launch of its newly redesigned Paychex Accountant Knowledge Center, a free online resource available through, that brings valuable information and time-saving online tools to accounting professionals.

Powered by CCH, the Paychex Accountant Knowledge Center gives accountants and CPAs easy, convenient access to authoritative payroll, human resources, and financial tools, all in one place, to enhance productivity within accounting organizations. Through the recent redesign, the online resource center offers accounting professionals improved features and greater customization capabilities to help them readily obtain the information they need to better serve their clients.
"The Paychex Accountant Knowledge Center is truly unmatched in the marketplace. As a resource, this website keeps accounting professionals up-to-date on the latest industry topics and regulations, while helping to strengthen their accountant-client relationships through improved communication and web-based tools," said Andy Childs, Paychex vice president of marketing.
Highlights of the redesigned Paychex Accountant Knowledge Center include: 
  • Complete mobile access to the site from any mobile device, including federal, state, HR, and payroll daily news.
  • Online tools library which provides crucial tax, payroll, and HR forms, financial calculators, and state compliance data.
  • Daily news articles focused on tax, payroll, and HR topics, with content chosen by each accounting professional and optimized in easy-to-read formats for both online and mobile viewing.
  • Comprehensive tax alerts from federal and state governments, as well as late-breaking news and current events to give professionals updates on major tax legislation.
  • Unlimited online access to the U.S. Master Tax Guide®.
  • Improved search, print, save, and e-mail functions developed to create greater collaboration between accountants and their clients. Authoritative links and PDFs can now be e-mailed directly from the site. 
Shayna Wood, CPA, a manager at McDirmid, Mikkelsen & Secrest, P.S., Certified Public Accountants in Spokane, Washington, said, "Paychex understands the importance of accessibility for the accountant and has a very easy-to-use website that does not require training. It is self-explanatory and laid out clearly and logically. Being able to access important information for my client, without having to take time away from the client or office manager's busy schedule to provide that information to me, has been a great benefit."
In redesigning its Accountant Knowledge Center, Paychex created a more user-friendly site that will serve as a frequent destination for accounting professionals.
"With its improved capabilities, users will now have reliable access to the website and Paychex News Central through any mobile device, allowing them to instantly have the information they need to answer client questions and provide valuable insight, whether they are in the office or on the go," said Childs. "By investing in this portal and providing free access to it, Paychex is demonstrating again the commitment we have to our highly valued accounting community partners."
To learn more about the Paychex Accountant Knowledge Center, visit:
Paychex is proud to be the preferred provider of payroll and retirement services for CPAs and their clients through the AICPA Trusted Business Advisors Program.