Rabbit Office Automation increases green profile as Maxxvault Platinum Reseller Partner

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MaxxVault LLC is a specialist in enterprise Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), providing solutions that are secure, powerful, and easy to use. Since 1987 Rabbit Office Automation has provided cutting-edge technology to automate business processes, making them more efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. Both companies recently announced that Rabbit OA has become a MaxxVault Platinum Reseller partner.

"Implementing an electronic document management system is the perfect place to start if you are looking to improve your bottom line and your environmental profile," said Eric Mooney, president of Rabbit Office Automation.

"From the perspective of return-on-investment, document management is a clear leader. Eliminating time wasted in filing and retrieval of documents, reducing paper consumption, eliminating expensive storage facilities, and dramatically cutting down on shipping and distribution are all benefits that MaxxVault and Rabbit OA can deliver," Mooney said. "The environmental benefits are equally large; reduced paper consumption, reduced heating and electric for storage rooms, reduced printing consumables and energy, and reduced shipping help save the environment from unnecessary fuel consumption."

The positive environmental impact of a document management system is often overlooked as one of the soft cost benefits of MaxxVault.

"It is important to look at the additional benefits provided by document management, including records management compliance, business continuity, and customer service. Rising in importance among the soft costs (due to the social and political implications) is the reduction in carbon footprint," said Bruce Malyon, CEO of MaxxVault LLC.

"Not only will your organization benefit from the positive image it projects, but there could also be legislated incentives for implementing a green technology," Malyon said. "Rabbit OA are experts at finding the right solution that delivers hard and soft cost results. We are pleased that they recognized the power of MaxxVault and are including us in their complete document solutions."

About MaxxVault LLC:

MaxxVault LLC provides software solutions for the management, distribution and control of corporate documents. Benefits of MaxxVault Enterprise include: reduced costs, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance. MaxxVault is an open system; it is built using the latest technology which provides enhanced security, dependability, and interoperability with existing systems.

About Rabbit Office Automation:

Rabbit OA practices "Responsible" Office Automation, applying a deep knowledge of business processes with technological expertise to produce efficient and effective document and workflow solutions. Backed by award winning digital output systems, MFPs and imaging software, Rabbit OA delivers end-to-end service. Providing courteous and professional training, Rabbit OA ensures their clients have the tools they need for a successful future.