Personable launches ScanWriter for QuickBooks

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Personable Inc., an Intuit and Microsoft Gold Certified Developer, has introduced ScanWriter for QuickBooks, a technology designed to revolutionize the accounting industry, according to the company.

ScanWriter reduces bookkeepers' data entry time by 90 percent through the patent-pending scan-and-populate technology designed for QuickBooks users who manually enter transactions into QuickBooks one-by-one from bank and credit card statements, receipts, invoices, checks, and other paperwork. ScanWriter is the industry's first and only automated data entry technology for QuickBooks, according to the company.

"ScanWriter has the potential to dramatically impact millions of QuickBooks companies by elevating their bookkeepers' productivity to a level they have never experienced before ScanWriter," said Benjamin Chou, MSM, president of Personable Inc.

According to Mike Block, CPA, Intuit QuickBooks-blog post, QuickBooks has 94 percent of the small business accounting program market, and five million QuickBooks companies with over 25 million employees.

"I'm extremely excited that Benjamin Chou and the Personable team have launched ScanWriter. Now the bookkeeping side of practice can realize some of the fantastic time savings that 'scan and populate' technology has been providing to the tax prep side over the past few years. I love the application of technology to the practice of public accounting - and Personable is leading the way with its elegantly designed and implemented ScanWriter product," said Greg LaFollette, CPA, CITP, senior manager, Tax & Consulting, Eide Baily, LLP.

ScanWriter is used to capture scanned documents or existing electronic statements, including bank statements, credit card statements, receipts, invoices, and other documents, and immediately populate QuickBooks transactions for a client.

"ScanWriter automates data entry and significantly increase the efficiency of bank reconciliation, which will allow millions of QuickBooks companies to free up 90 percent of their time, which can be used to build their book of business and increase revenue," said Chou.

ScanWriter technology allows QuickBooks users to:

  • Reduce Bookkeepers data entry time by 90 percent;
  • Convert bank and credit card statements, receipts, invoices, checks, and other paperwork into QuickBooks data entries in seconds;
  • Speed the bank reconciliation process, requiring only a few mouse clicks;
  • Enter hundreds of transactions in minutes; and
  • Scan documents automatically.

ScanWriter is available throughout North America, and QuickBooks users can demo the technology. E-mail [email protected], or call (800) 688-4281 and register to join a 30-minute Webinar on any of the following dates:

  • 12 pm PT, Monday, August 30
  • 12 pm PT, Tuesday, August 31
  • 12 pm PT, Wednesday, September 1
  • 12 pm PT, Thursday, September 2
  • 12 pm PT, Friday, September 3

About Personable, Inc.:

Founded in 1998, Personable, Intuit Certified Gold Developer, K2 Quality Award winner, and Sleeter Awesome Add-On Award winner, is one of the first QuickBooks hosting service providers to serve accountants and accounting professionals. Personable provides the accounting industry with ScanWriter, SourceLink, Workflow DMS, DataMover, and hosting services for QuickBooks users. Personable, Inc. is the only Application Service Provider (ASP) to deliver a fully functional Windows virtual desktop to the browser to help companies source a full array of software-on-demand and managed desktop services. Personable's instant software solution includes provisioning of users; subscription to applications; availability of a virtual private network; access to software and files from any PC or Macintosh connected to the Internet; and real-time billing information online. For more information or to join a Webinar, please visit, e-mail [email protected], or call 800-688-4281.