Payroll City Launches QuickBooks Interface

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Payroll City has developed a new tool to help users easily transfer all their payroll data into QuickBooks.

By preserving all payroll data and accurately transferring it directly into QuickBooks, owners of both small and midsized businesses gain high-level insight into department and job-related labor costs, and they are able to more fully maximize features available within QuickBooks.
Now, Payroll City QuickBooks users can track payroll checks by department, track job labor costs, accurately determine the total profit of specific jobs or clients, or look at year-on-year departmental labor cost trends. Conveniences to users include the ability to query past payroll information, to reissue checks showing wage deductions, and to print their entire payroll right from their familiar accounting environment.
"We have created a superior payroll platform that makes it easy to integrate with accounting," stated Kathleen Fox, president of Payroll City. "Our goal is to continue to design easy, robust, affordable solutions that bridge the gap between payroll and other critical business systems."
The Payroll City QuickBooks interface can map all payroll data, broken down by department or job costs, to the correct class, job, or item within QuickBooks. This retains vital business intelligence, which is critical to successful planning.
Payroll City's QuickBooks interface eliminates redundancy and retains the integrity of payroll data as it is transferred to QuickBooks. Upon running the tool, Payroll City outputs an IIF file for easy import into QuickBooks, allowing QuickBooks users to:
  • See every check posted to a register.
  • View employee-level history of paycheck distribution.
  • Reprint checks.
  • Query past payroll information.
  • View and print garnishment checks.
  • Automatically input every employee into the QuickBooks employee list.
  • Assign wages to different departments.
  • Import by payroll batch or custom date range.
The Payroll City QuickBooks interface module resides in the Payroll City cloud environment, requires no software to download or install, and supports all versions of QuickBooks from 2000 to present.