NJSCPA Tops 5,000 "Likes" on Facebook College Student Gives Milestone Thumbs Up

In July 2013, the New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJSCPA) received its 5,000th "like" on Facebook, courtesy of James Fylstra, an accounting student at Seton Hall University. The Society's Facebook site went live in April of 2008, mainly as a means to communicate with college students. Today, it provides up-to-the-minute information to all of the organization's members as well as nonmembers.
Facebook is just one part of the NJSCPA's overall social media presence, which includes Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and others. This allows the Society to distribute information on events, job search, the CPA Exam and continuing education, in addition to photos and video depicting the fun side of the profession. One recent lighthearted YouTube member profile is up to 3,700 views. 
To help put the milestone in some context, the state CPA society Facebook site with the next nearest number of likes is at just under 3,500. The NJSCPA's Facebook site has received likes from five continents, including such countries as Brazil, Iran and Thailand.
One watershed moment for the Society on Facebook occurred during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Facebook and Twitter became the NJSCPA's communication vehicles when its website was down. Even when the site went back online, social media still played a big role because so many people had no power, but they were able to utilize smart phones and tablets.
"I had received an NJSCPA Scholarship and participated in the Society's Scholars Institute program, both of which have opened a lot of doors for me, said Fylstra, a senior at Seton Hall. "So, liking the NJSCPA on Facebook puts it mildly." Check out the NJSCPA Facebook site at www.facebook.com/njscpa.