New River Innovation Releases Major Enhancements to Beyond415® Guidance

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New River Innovation announced it has added major enhancements to its newest application, Beyond415 Guidance -- a web-based research center for resolving issues after tax filing. The product features searchable guidance covering individual, business, and payroll areas of IRS practice and procedure. The new enhancements allow users to add their own documents, notes, and links to any IRS issue; tag the content to appear in search results; and optionally share the content across their firm. Beyond415's latest enhancements also allow users to download and customize Microsoft Office versions of Beyond415's response documents. These new features combine to make Beyond415 Guidance the go-to manual for anything related to IRS practice and procedure.

"We knew that it was important for our users to be able to add custom information to the system," said Jim Buttonow, CPA, IRS expert and cofounder of New River Innovation. "Over the years, many practitioners have collected their own IRS guidance. With this release, practitioners can leverage the information they've compiled, in combination with the comprehensive guidance offered in Beyond415, to efficiently research and address their clients' IRS issues."
Beyond415 Guidance features an easy-to-use interface and a powerful search tool to access IRS issue guidance within seconds. The November 2012 release includes major new enhancements: 
  • Add custom content to any IRS issue - Users can easily add their own Microsoft Office and PDF documents, notes, and links to any IRS issue.
  • Tag custom content - Users can tag their own added guidance to appear in search results.
  • Download response documents - Users can download and use Microsoft Office versions of Beyond415's response documents for a small additional charge.
The research team at Beyond415 is made up of IRS practice and procedure experts. The product tells practitioners what to expect from the IRS, based in part on more than 40,000 pages of IRS procedural documentation. The Beyond415 product team examines internal training documents, manuals, procedural guidelines, and compliance efforts disclosed by the IRS and incorporates that information into the system's practical guidance. The Beyond415 team also examines industry best practices to incorporate into the system.
Enhancements to Beyond415 Guidance were officially launched November 25, 2012. Beyond415 is offered through trusted providers, such as ADP, CCH, Drake Software, the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), Sage, and directly at