New River Innovation Announces Major Enhancement to Beyond415 WorkCenter and Guidance Applications

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New River Innovation announced May 16, 2013, major enhancements to Beyond415 WorkCenter and Beyond415 Guidance. Among the innovative improvements to WorkCenter are a simplified user interface, an interactive file system, and documents that can be downloaded and automatically saved back to Beyond415. Beyond415 Guidance has also been enhanced with e-Services Solutions and issue-specific Workplans that provide detailed instructions, tips, and step-by-step guidance on the core phases of tax practice and procedure work.

"Beyond415 has made it easier than ever for practitioners to navigate their clients' post-filing IRS issues," said Jim Buttonow, CPA and cofounder of New River Innovation. "The system provides practitioners with innovative solutions like the Secure Data Connector, which brings the cloud to practitioners' desktops, so they can work the way they're used to working."
Core enhancements to Beyond415 WorkCenter include:
  • An elegant, simplified user interface.
  • Easy management of client work, notes, reminders, and status tracking.
  • An interactive file system that allows users to create their own client file folder structure, securely share files and messages with clients using the improved Client Gateway portal, and work with hundreds of built-in Beyond415 templates.
  • The Secure Data Connector, which allows users to easily download and edit prefilled Beyond415 template documents in Microsoft Office programs and automatically save changes back to Beyond415.
  • A notifications dashboard that displays various system messages, client reminders, and other notifications so users can quickly see recent and new account activity.

Core enhancements to Beyond415 Guidance include:
  • Add your own issue guidance, which allows users to create new topics in Beyond415 and define processes for handling the issue. Beyond415's intuitive form allows users to specify issue characteristics; add template documents, reference materials, and links related to the issue; and share the guidance with other users in the firm.
  • Workplans that break down every individual, business, and payroll IRS issue into easily understandable phases of work. For each phase, Beyond415 provides detailed, step-by-step instructions and tips on exactly how to address the issue.
  • e-Services Solutions, which help users effectively implement and maximize e-Services to address client issues. These sample practice documents, templates, and visual walkthroughs provide detailed instructions and practical tips.
  • Client consultation documents that can be provided to clients at the start of an engagement to answer common questions and request all of the information required to start addressing the issue. 

Major enhancements to Beyond415 WorkCenter and Guidance applications were released the week of May 6, 2013. For more information on these products, visit