New Publications on Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Help US Trade Professionals Comply with Import and Export Regulations

Thomson Reuters has released additional international trade publications on Thomson Reuters Checkpoint, the online service that provides research, news, analysis, and productivity tools to tax, audit, accounting, legal, trade, and finance professionals.

"Many trade professionals, strapped for time and resources, find it challenging to stay informed of and comply with increasingly complex legislation," said Keith Haurie, vice president of emerging products for the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters. "Our latest publications support the international trade practitioner's ongoing need for current knowledge, compliance guidance, and efficient research." 
New international trade content includes:
WTE Practical Trade & Customs Strategies
This twice-monthly electronic periodical is designed to keep international trade professionals up-to-date on how industry experts are managing complex trade issues. Coverage includes company case studies, best practices in trade law compliance, and articles by legal counsel and consultants on current issues. This publication is designed for use by those professionals who advise on or manage exports, import compliance, security, trade remedy, valuation, duties and tariffs, customs audits, international practices, and problem resolution.
AAEI International Trade News Alert
This weekly e-mail alert, developed by the American Association of Exporters and Importers, is considered required reading by serious trade practitioners, brokers, consultants, and transshipment specialists. Topics covered are federal register notices, trade legislation analysis, court rulings and filings, news, unfair trade laws, trade legislation, and events. To ease research, the alerts are hyperlinked to other relevant content on Checkpoint. The alert is exclusively available on Checkpoint as part of the recent affinity partnership between Thomson Reuters and AAEI.
International Trade Laws of the United States: Statutes and Strategies
This treatise covers international trade and customs law primarily from a US perspective. It also puts trade law and customs into the international tax context. It is written for attorneys and accountants with clients trading overseas, customs house brokers, and in-house trade law specialists, including import/export law. Coverage includes imports, exports, customs and trade remedies, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, intellectual property, transfer pricing, and foreign direct investment. Mark K. Neville is the WG&L author. 
Checkpoint includes a vast library of import- and export-related content in its International Trade practice area. It integrates primary source materials - such as the Harmonized Tariff Schedule from the US World Customs Organization Council Explanatory Notes, the Code of Federal Regulations from the US Customs and Border Protection Rulings, free trade agreements, and trade cases from Thomson Reuters Westlaw - with analytical content from trusted Thomson Reuters brands, such as Boskage, WG&L, and WTE. 
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