New IntelliConnect Enhancements, Redesigned CCH Tax Calendar Now Available

Faster answers, better results, and easier navigation underscore new enhancements to the industry's most powerful research platform, CCH IntelliConnect® and the newly revised CCH Tax Calendar. Recently enhanced features better enable users to collaborate with colleagues and provide a seamless, paperless research workflow. CCH, part of Wolters Kluwer is a leading global provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software, and services.
"Along with the e-mailing multiple documents feature launched last year, these new IntelliConnect enhancements focus on a practitioner's entire research workflow including review, consultation, collaboration, and sharing expertise - making it easier for practitioners to work more closely with others," said Tina Rajski, CCH product manager. 
New IntelliConnect enhancements include:
  • Notes & Highlights - Easily add comments and insights to documents or flag pertinent text passages without having to print and mark up the documents by hand. Notes are automatically stored with documents and are included when printing, e-mailing, or exporting and can be hidden for confidentiality. 
  • Shared Research Folders - Share documents, exchange thoughts and insights, and collaborate with colleagues in one common folder. Shared folders are conveniently located on the Research Folders tab, and authorized users can add their own documents, notes, and highlights for more effective collaboration. 
  • When used together, Notes & Highlights and Shared Research Folders allow firms to store documents for a client with notes added in a research folder. Firms can also share those documents with other team members who may serve specific clients as well as create folders based on a topic that can be shared with firm staff - providing the most up-to-date and pertinent information faster.

Other recent IntelliConnect enhancements include:

  • CCH Relate buttons now featured on US Treasury Regulations - Relate buttons added to Treasury Regulations provide one-click navigation from regulations to related Code, explanations, annotations, and more.
  • IRC History Relate buttons added to more products - IRC History Relate buttons are now available in CCH code-arranged content, including the Standard Federal Tax Reporter, Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reporter, and Federal Excise Tax Reporter.
  • Case Treatment Codes added - Provides subsequent appellate action on a case without leaving the source document, allowing researchers to quickly determine whether a case is still "good law."
  • New Federal Income Tax Credit Smart Chart - Provides an easy way to keep up-to-date with legislative changes to individual and business tax credits against federal income tax.
  • New Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Smart Chart - Provides a quick summary to determine if an activity may be subject to UBIT; includes links to cases or rulings that discuss the applicable factors.
  • New CCH State Tax Smart Chart topics - More than forty new Smart Charts related to the apportionment sales factor, amended returns, statute of limitations, gas and other fuels, tobacco and cigarettes, and forest products are included. Five new incentives-related sales and use tax Smart Charts on enterprise or redevelopment zones, film production, new or expanded facilities, technology companies, and data centers are also featured.
  • Internal Revenue Manual enhanced - More than 120,000 links to internal references and other primary sources have been added.
New CCH Tax Calendar Look, Features
  • The redesigned CCH Tax Calendar - available via IntelliConnect and CCH Mobile - paints the clearest picture yet of short- and long-term tax filing dates, deadlines, and other critical events impacting individuals and businesses. It's also optimized for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire HD for maximum mobility, whenever and wherever professionals need answers. 
  • "Vivid displays, a cleaner look, and easier navigation are providing CCH Tax Calendar and IntelliConnect users a competitive advantage, especially when trying to find information quickly, efficiently, and making changes while on-the-go," Rajski added.
  • CCH Tax Calendar features a new user interface, improved navigation, and new functionality. After creating a tax calendar, professionals can easily sync the calendar with a variety of calendar applications. A new function bar enables users to change the display; sync, print, or export calendar entries; and share details via e-mail.
Other technology upgrades include:
  • Modernized look and feel - Clear, colorful screen displays combined with user-friendly navigation enable users to quickly pinpoint important dates and deadlines. Users can easily customize the display and share important dates with colleagues and clients. New Due Date pop-up boxes provide details for specific tax filings. 
  • Mobile flexibility - From the convenience of a smartphone or tablet, professionals working away from the office can check on upcoming state and federal tax deadlines and determine what needs to be done to support individual and business clients. Questions can be answered quickly wherever the professional happens to be. 
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars - With CCH Tax Calendar, users can now easily link their office and personal calendars and refer to just one single resource, creating a mobile nerve center for tracking dates, appointments, events, projects, and deadlines. 
"These new enhancements reflect the consistent dialogue we have with our customers," Rajski said. "Through their feedback and suggestions, we're able to drive innovation and enhance our research platform at a competitively fast pace to meet their needs." 
For More information
To learn more about the new CCH Tax Calendar and all the latest enhancements to the powerful IntelliConnect research platform, please contact a CCH sales representative at 1-888-CCH-REPS (1-888-224-7377) or visit