New CCH Sales Tax RADAR: Accurate Sales and Use Tax Tracking

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Pinpointing the latest sales and use tax information vital to business is now faster and easier with CCH's new Sales Tax RADAR – the Cloud-based solution for working smarter when tracking rates and taxability details in thousands of jurisdictions. RADAR (Rates And Decisions Administration Reporting) instantly paints a clear, accurate picture of the sales and use tax landscape, providing customized views based on location and SKUs as well as exporting search results into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for reporting and analysis. CCH, a part of Wolters Kluwer, is a leading global provider of tax, accounting, and audit information software and services.
Sales Tax RADAR is powered by CCH IntelliConnect®, the industry's most powerful research platform, ensuring automatic updates of all new sales and use tax changes across state, county, municipal, and special district boundaries. 
"We consistently work with our corporate customers to deliver solutions that boost efficiency, eliminate daily pain points, and help avoid future audit risks," said Bruce Krumlauf, CCH product line manager, Corporate Services. "Sales Tax RADAR saves valuable time previously spent on researching local sales and use tax developments, while providing a significant advantage with advanced functionality and features."
Professionals attending the AICPA Practitioners Symposium, AICPA Tech+ Conference and 2013 AAM Summit June 10-12 are invited to take a closer look at Sales Tax RADAR by visiting CCH Booth #234.
Scoping Tax Changes Impacting Business, 24/7
By addressing competitive tax-tracking gaps and generating results in customized displays, Sales Tax RADAR delivers around-the-clock support to ensure accuracy and compliance. Additional key features include:
  • Cloud-based mobility. Gain secure access to critical information anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. Data is also backed up in the event of business disruptions.
  • Geocode-based information. The solution ensures location data accuracy with address validation, ZIP+4 results, and geospatial boundary data.
  • Import locations and SKUs. Business locations are automatically imported along with product SKUs, which are mapped to appropriate CCH product groups and items.
  • Customized result grids. Easily tailor search results for your specific needs by filtering, sorting, or grouping data or rearranging grid columns.
  • Rate directory by location, date. Generate lists of rates or taxability data for specific dates that can be summarized at state, county, city, and special district/local levels. 
  • Easy taxability changes, matrix research. Users have the ability to research the latest taxability changes on specific products and services as well as quickly determine whether others are subject to tax in particular locations.
  • Save common searches. Reduce time spent in research and problem escalation by saving a search so it is easily identified and retrieved later. 

Free Trial Offer
CCH Sales Tax RADAR is now available through a special free trial offer. The first step toward discovering precision in monitoring sales and use tax changes can begin by clicking here.
To learn more about how the new CCH Sales Tax RADAR solution, please contact a CCH sales representative at 1-888-224-7377. You may also visit