New App Center Creates First Open SaaS Platform Focused on End-to-End Financial Processes of SMBs, the leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash flow management solutions for businesses, announced September 16, 2013, that it has launched the App Center, which for the first time creates an open, SaaS-based platform focused on streamlining workflows and supercharging productivity, not just for CFOs but for entire companies. Whereas the finance function historically has been an island, unaware of purchases or sales that impact cash flow until often too late in the process, the App Center has now created critical bridges to the finance operation by integrating essential business tools from cross-company departments into the finance system. 
The App Center is designed to solve financial professionals' most common business needs, streamlining workflow by bringing together key tools, such as combining expense management, online mail management, and accounting systems. The first phase of the App Center will feature deep integration with a select group of best-of-breed solutions, which have been highly requested by existing customers and prospects. Deep integration means that the solution meets specific customer workflows, is integrated to the point that set-up is easy enough to be self-serve, and allow for easy, immediate data conflict resolution. Just as led the industry by making it possible for SMBs to manage end-to-end financial processes with seamless accounting software sync, the company has now extended this power to other business processes. 
For example, by integrating Tallie and, finance professionals are able to finally combine bill payment and expense report automation, two functions essential to financial management, which have historically never been united. By managing payables, receivables, and expense reporting together, finance professionals will have a clearer view - and better control - of their cash flow than ever before possible. Similarly, by integrating with Earth Class Mail, is offering its customers an easy way to digitize their paper bills, making it simple to get these critical documents into the solution, where they can be optionally entered using data entry service, easily categorized, approved, and paid. 
" has enabled our customers to work effectively and efficiently from anywhere at any time," said Stacey Lee, chief financial officer, Earth Class Mail. "The App Center and our new integration is just going to make this even better, helping us bring more collaboration and ease to financial management."
"Just as pioneered sync in the payment space with seamless integration with all leading accounting software, we are now enabling data to be kept current across multiple systems, something never possible before and the Cloud," said René Lacerte, founder and CEO, "The App Center will grow with our company's continued focus on finance professionals' needs in mind, with more self-service integrations chosen and added based on their business relevancy, ease of use and data accuracy. Watch this space for many more milestones coming soon."
The App Center also opens up a new set of tools for third party developers to tightly integrate their applications into the platform. Key set up and management tasks such as configuration and resolution of data conflicts can be accessed directly in the user interface. In addition, the documents and data needs for all phases of an application can now flow seamlessly via For example, a completed expense report from Tallie is created directly in the system with all associated documents attached and no data entry required. 
For more information on the App Center or to try today, please visit Companies interested in joining the App Center, please visit Developers are also encouraged to write to the platform, and can find more information at