New Apps from CCH Give Greater Access to e-Filed Returns

CCH announced two new mobile apps that will be available for tax season to help professionals serve their clients better than ever - anytime and from anywhere. The new Mobile Electronic Filing Status (ELF) App enhances the ability to easily monitor the status of e-filed tax returns from a smartphone or tablet. And, with the new ProSystem fx® Mobile App, professionals can quickly connect to client databases while working out of the office.

Both mobile apps will be available for free downloads by the end of 2012 on Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, is a global provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software, and services. 
"These new applications are the next steps in the natural progression of leveraging advanced technology to increase mobility and flexibility for tax and accounting professionals - so they can serve their clients from wherever they may be," said Angela Askew, CCH product manager. 
Mobile Electronic Filing Status (ELF) App 
With the advanced flexibility of the ELF App, professionals can easily monitor the status of a client's e-filed tax return. Getting an instant update is now as simple as tapping the ELF App icon to get things started. Simple navigation and colorful visuals enable tax professionals to quickly receive news on whether an e-filed return has been accepted or rejected by the IRS. 
"You could be at a soccer game and open the ELF App to assist clients in ways that previously had to be done at the firm," said Askew. "Instead of taking time to power up a laptop and log in to your firm's network, using the ELF App is a much more efficient and convenient way for connecting to clients, data, and staff."
ProSystem fx Mobile App
ProSystem fx Mobile is an accounting and management app for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices that lets professionals access the information they need for daily decision making that impacts clients and their entire firm. Using ProSystem fx Mobile App, accounting and tax professionals can easily access client contact information, including addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses in a secure digital environment. 
Data is securely stored on CCH servers - protecting clients and firms 24/7. ProSystem fx Mobile App also lets professionals access their ProSystem fx® Practice Intelligence content, but will soon expand to include other ProSystem fx Suite products and information.
The app also connects tax and accounting professionals with CCH's premier content, journals, the latest tax news updates, and information through the industry's leading research platform, CCH IntelliConnect® for faster answers and better results.  
ProSystem fx Mobile is also an extension of a CCH customer's ProSystem fx Suite, enabling users to retrieve information from ProSystem fx® TaxProSystem fx® Document, and other solutions.
Both apps are extensions of the CCH Mobile advanced technology platform. Each one is available for the upcoming tax season to provide professionals with greater flexibility and opportunities to work how and when they want to better serve clients.
For more information on the ELF App and ProSystem fx Mobile App designed for Apple iPhone, iPad  and Android devices, please call a CCH sales representative at (888) 224-7377 or visit to learn more about CCH's advanced mobile solutions.
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