MISYS announces new module for its small business manufacturing software

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Manufacturing Information Systems (MISys, Inc.) has announced the release of a major upgrade of its MISys SBM manufacturing software. 

MISys SBM version 4.0 features a new Shop Floor Control module designed to help manufacturing firms of all types analyze production costs more accurately than ever before possible.
MISys SBM version 4.0 includes extensive functionality designed to help manufacturers gauge the time required to build any quantity of an assembled item. By adding “routing details” to existing bills of material, MISys SBM creates what is called a “bill of manufacturing” – the marriage of routing details and material details. “In MISys SBM, a bill of manufacturing is a lot like a recipe” observes Dave Halpert, MISys VP of Development. “To bake a successful cake, you need more than a list of ingredients. You need to follow a specific sequence of operations. Starting with version 4.0, we’re doing the very same thing in MISys SBM.”
The sequence of operations (routing details) are derived from pre-defined work centers (areas of the plant where some specific production activities take place). Work centers establish the rate at which production can be completed, the costs associated with such production, and the times each work center is open for business.
MISys SBM tracks production as it moves through the shop from one operation to another. As work is completed on each routing operation, MISys SBM logs the actual time and material consumed on that operation. When production is completed, the program computes the actual production costs line by line, and compares them to the estimates, providing the user with an unprecedented level of production efficiency analysis. If integrated with a compatible accounting system, MISys SBM will set the Cost of Goods Sold for sales items based on the actual production costs, including all material, labor, and overhead.
Routing details also govern the length of time required to complete the production of a specific quantity of an item. Starting in version 4.0, the program can accurately predict the completion dates for any start date and quantity. Or, it can determine the start date for any desired completion date and quantity.
Version 4.0 includes an integral capacity management system that can evaluate the production load placed on any work center and quickly identify any that are overloaded. An innovative drag-and-drop tool allows conflicts to be resolved quickly and easily.
Dave Brown, MISys President commented “The release of MISys SBM version 4.0 marks the culmination of over 3 years of intense work of the part of our development team, intended to create the same high level of functionality in our MISys SBM product as we’ve had in our legacy product, MISys Manufacturing for Sage Accpac ERP. Now we can offer all the functionality a small- to medium-sized manufacturing firm will ever need – seamlessly integrated with the industry’s best accounting products.”
All currently licensed users of MISys SBM will receive the upgrade to version 4.0 free of charge. The Shop Floor Control module is an extra-cost option that can be added to MISys SBM at any time. Further information about MISys SBM 4.0 (including various pricing options) is available by contacting MISys World Headquarters in Woodstock, Vermont at 802/457-4600.
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