Kashoo Releases New Version of Leading Small Business Cloud Accounting iPad App

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Kashoo, a Cloud accounting software platform for small business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, bookkeepers, and accountants, has released a major upgrade to its popular iPad app to meet the increasing mobile, on-demand needs of small business. The company has also introduced simplified pricing options for customers.

Designed with the small business owner in mind, the new version of the Kashoo iPad app includes over 100 new features, ranging streamlined reports to faster invoice generation to an emphasized reduction in the number of taps it takes customers to accomplish any accounting task. In the app, customers can:
  • Create and send invoices from anywhere, using professionally designed templates
  • Quickly view client balances, payment histories, and past due invoices
  • Easily drill into the details of income statements, balance sheet, and general ledger
  • Track expenses and monitor cash flow
  • Share real-time access with their accountant or bookkeeper
  • Set up their business with Kashoo through a simplified, cleaner interface
  • View line items and related details with less taps and less text
  • Track and report on sales tax from any country
  • Switch between multiple businesses
  • Integrate with other business Cloud services
  • Pull down to sync transactions from the Cloud 
"This is real accounting, optimized for the tablet," said Kashoo CEO Jim Secord. "It's for the business owner who isn't at his or her desk 9-to-5. In fact, our customers' input was invaluable to the build of the new version. We talked with them and got an understanding of how they used the app, what they love, what they'd like to see, where they use it, when the use it, what stops them from using it. All of that input helps us deliver an app that makes their business hum, their lives easier and their bookkeeping duties actually fun."
Kashoo is also announcing a simplified pricing plan: free, monthly, and annual. All customers will have access to both the complete web and iPad applications. All features, such as multi-currency, payroll integration, invoice templating, and bank sync, will be available to all users. Access to the entire Kashoo platform will be forever free to users processing under twenty transactions (i.e., an income or expense entry) per month. As their business grows and scales beyond that milestone, they'll be able to purchase Kashoo for as low as $16 a month, when purchased annually.