IGAF Polaris Is Now PrimeGlobal

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IGAF Polaris, one of the strongest associations of accounting firms in the world, is pleased to introduce its new name, identity, and website. As of now, the association will be known as PrimeGlobal, using the primary tagline "An Association of Independent Accounting Firms," and a secondary tagline "Global Reach. Technical Depth. Personal Connections." The announcement comes as the culmination of the merger of three international associations into one of the most vibrant, dynamic, and relationship-focused membership organizations in the accounting industry. 

"The integration following the 2011 merger of IGAF Worldwide, Polaris International, and Fidunion International proceeded more smoothly than any of us ever dreamed," says Raymond Buehler, Jr., chairman of the World Board of Directors for IGAF Polaris during the merger. "In just one calendar year, we have truly become a family of independent firms, where relationships are strong and business opportunities for our members and their clients are greater than ever before. The association needed a name and identity to better reflect this position of strength and show that we are much more than the sum of our pre-merger parts." 
Developed in close consultation with member firms around the world, the PrimeGlobal name effectively demonstrates that independent association members stand ready to assist fellow members and their clients with their business needs. The logo mark also embodies a number of key association attributes, including many colors to represent the diversity of the PrimeGlobal membership, a globe shape to reflect global reach, separate ribbons forming one globe to represent that firms are independent but united, and a sweeping style to indicate movement and growth. 
"We believe our new name, logo, and website set PrimeGlobal apart in the same way that our member firms' expertise, relationships, and global connectivity set us apart from many other associations in our market space," says Kevin Mead, CEO of PrimeGlobal. "Underlying the new look and feel are all the core values our association stands for: international reach, strong personal connections, technical depth and experience, and elite quality and service. The PrimeGlobal name and image clearly express how we are viewed as an association, both by our membership and by the clients that they serve." 
"The PrimeGlobal name and identity extend the promise that began with our merger," says Edward A. Davis, current chairman of the World Board of Directors for PrimeGlobal. "We agreed from the beginning that relationships between firms must be forged stronger than ever, but without the restrictions imposed by operating as a network. In just our first year, we have reached that goal. The merger has provided us with the necessary resources to meet growing international client demands, not just geographically, but via a range of skills and expertise and strong commitment to personal service. Now, our new name, identity, and website will take us the next step and allow us to make it clearer to the world at large that we are the association of choice for strong, independent firms and their clients who are seeking comprehensive, high-quality service."
The new PrimeGlobal website offers member firms and their clients an excellent opportunity to access thought leadership from around the world, in addition to providing easy-to-navigate access to member expertise through expanded directory search, comprehensive services and industries lists, and more.