FreshBooks launches Add-on Store with Peachtree connector

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FreshBooks, a leader in online invoicing, recently unveiled the official FreshBooks Add-on Store. The new Add-on Store will give FreshBooks’ more than 2 million users an easy way to find and purchase partner integrations.

For FreshBooks software partners, the new Add-on Store provides a powerful gateway to directly reach the FreshBooks customer base. Partners in the FreshBooks Add-on Store are promoted directly inside the FreshBooks application. In addition, the entire purchase is managed by FreshBooks, greatly cutting down steps for customers and partners alike.
The launch of the FreshBooks Add-on Store signals a broader movement in the SaaS industry toward the “app store” model. As Sunir Shah, head of platform at FreshBooks explained. “This new model allows our partners to sell solutions our customers are demanding. Promoting Add-ons inside FreshBooks and making it simple for customers to buy them will dramatically expand sales for our partners and help us better service our customers who we are fanatical about.”
Easy access to FreshBooks’ Add-on partners will let customers extend their FreshBooks platform to manage more aspects of their business without complicating the core service. Small business users can customize FreshBooks to their own unique workflow from a wealth of third-party applications that help them get work done and get paid doing it. For example, for $10 a month, users can export their invoices to Peachtree Accounting with the new Peachtree Connector, built by Greytrix.
"This is great news for accountants and their small business customers," says Kasey Bayne, accounting ambassador at FreshBooks. "FreshBooks is all about saving time for our small business clients, and helping our accountants help their clients do the same. The new Peachtree Connector will help our clients spend less time on their books, and more time doing what they love. Their accountants will benefit from having up to date info in their double-ledger accounting program, saving hours of duplicate data entry each month."
"Everyone thinks ‘app stores’ are only about unlocking innovation,” states Mike McDerment, FreshBooks co-founder and CEO. “There is truth to that, but for companies like Apple and FreshBooks that focus on simplicity and usability, continuously building more features into their products inevitably undermines the integrity of their designs. Customers always demand more features, now they can purchase complexity through ‘app stores.’”
As a founding member of The Small Business Web, an association of more than 140 companies committed to open APIs and integrations, FreshBooks has long been a vocal proponent of collaboration across small business software and application providers.
“We have invested heavily in making our Add-on partners successful because we know the impact,” continues Shah. “FreshBooks customers who use an Add-on are three times more likely to purchase a paid FreshBooks account.”
The FreshBooks Add-on Store supports both free Add-ons as well as monthly subscriptions. Licenses can be purchased for individual users and group accounts. FreshBooks bills customers on behalf of the partners, taking a 30% commission on the sale. The remainder goes directly to the software partner.
“Greytrix is very excited to launch the FreshBooks Peachtree Connector in the FreshBooks Add-Ons Store,” says Kumar Siddhartha, CEO of Greytrix. “The FreshBooks Add-ons program and its development support team are comparable to the best in the industry. We are looking forward to building up a suite of integration products for FreshBooks in the coming years.”
“Keeping your product simple is one of the biggest challenges software providers face,” says Matt Linderman of 37signals. “It's nice to see Freshbooks drawing a line in the sand in order to keep its core product straightforward and easy-to-use."
“The FreshBooks Add-on Store allows me to sell ReportAway! directly to FreshBooks customers on a subscription basis,” states Randy Jones, owner of Acire Systems. “Unlike the one-time balloon payment model of most online stores, this helps me plan to support customers for a long time."
The Add-ons featured in the initial launch of the FreshBooks Add-on Store include: Peachtree Connector ($10/month/system), ReportAway! for BlackBerry ($2/month/user), Highrise Import (free), Constant Contact Export (free) and Late Payment Fees (free). FreshBooks has over 60 Add-on partners and will be adding more to the Add-on Store in the future.
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