Docu Plus partners with Maxxvault LLC, signing as a Platinum Reseller partner

MaxxVault LLC, a specialist in enterprise Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), and Docu Plus, which specializes in offering the legal and corporate business community reproduction and imaging solutions of highly sensitive documents, announced that Docu Plus has joined with MaxxVault LLC as a Platinum Reseller of the MaxxVault document management suite.

"Businesses today have to deal with a wide variety of documents, from paper to e-mail to electronic files" says Walter Miller, vice president of sales for MaxxVault LLC.

"Docu Plus is a Canadian leader in creating smart and efficient document strategies that accommodate today's wide range of document formats. Securely managing these documents and yet making them easily available to work with is the key to success," Miller said. "Docu Plus has the expertise and experience to bring the best return on investment for those businesses that want to work smarter. Docu Plus is a perfect fit for MaxxVault and we look forward to a long and successful partnership."

"When choosing technology partners we always ensure that the solution is flexible, simple to integrate with other business systems, cost effective, easy to use, and has the necessary local support structure to service our customers. MaxxVault fit all of these criteria and more," said Malcolm DeSouza, president of Docu Plus.

"With MaxxVault, it is a seamless process to capture documents from a variety of different sources such as scanners, off the network or directly from other business applications. Once captured, MaxxVault provides all the tools necessary to set security, track access and activity, and set retention schedules," DeSouza said. "Our clients demand solutions that make their work easier and help them save money. They are unwilling to change their processes if they think that the new solution will be confusing, expensive, and harder to manage. With MaxxVault, our clients get the cost effective solution that they look for to improve document management within their organization.

About Docu Plus:

Docu Plus is a leading Canadian service provider for document management solutions including, on-site managed office services, as well as document scanning and reproduction, litigation support services and e-Archiving solutions. With offices across Canada, Docu Plus provides turnkey, customized outsourcing solutions that enable cost reductions, improved work quality, and efficiency. Our experts, with over 50 years of experience, specialize in providing both paper and technology based document management services for the legal, commercial and corporate business community.