Doc.It Recognized With Two Major Industry Awards

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Doc.It, a leading provider of a complete document management, archiving & workflow technology, proudly announces they have earned a five star rating, the highest possible, in the 2009 Document Management Review conducted by The CPA Technology Advisor, and have been recognized as a 2009 Top 50 Practitioner Product by CPA Magazine.

Doc.It was awarded a five star rating in the 2009 Document Management Review conducted by The CPA Technology Advisor magazine. The five star rating was awarded based on four key sets of attributes: usability, file management and organization, integration and relative value.
·         Usability. The most subjective of the categories, included factors such as how easy the system is to interact with. “If the system is not designed intuitively, or takes too many steps to get things done, then it isn’t going to score very high,” said John Higgins, CPA, CITP, Document Management reviewer for The CPA Technology Advisor. “Ease of use is what it’s all about as far as I’m concerned,” continued Higgins.
·         File management & organization. These features address the methodology that the system utilizes for organizing the electronic documents. “Essentially, this is an extension of the usability attribute; however, we can be a bit more objective in this category by describing the way the file storage is organized,” commented Higgins. They are designed to manage the storage and retrieval of all your electronic files: PDFs, Word and Excel files, email messages, QuickBooks files and more. “So think of an EDMS as Windows Explorer on steroids.”
·         Integration. This attribute covered three basic perspectives from which Higgins assessed each vendor’s strength: MS-Office, accounting and tax applications, and extended applications such as intelligent scanning, workflow and portal modules.
·         Relative value. This rating of a vendor’s solution was based on the breadth and depth of functionality relative to the cost of the system.
Doc.It also earned recognition from CPA Magazine as a 2009 Top 50 Practitioner Product, an elite listing featuring fifty products spanning eleven categories. “We are deeply honored that T. Steel Rose, CPA and Editor of CPA Magazine has recognized Doc.It as a Top 50 award winner,” said Roger Mongeon, Vice President, Doc.It. “The CPA Magazine award listing was made even more elite this year given the list went from the top 100 products in 2008, to the top 50 products in 2009.”
“Our document management technology consistently rates very high for the attributes mentioned by these publications. We’re also often recognized because our complete suite solution includes ongoing training and customer support – which is widely recognized as being far superior to any of our competitors,” said Mongeon. “Additionally, Doc.It is the only document management provider that offers a WorkFlow module that automatically increases firm efficiency,” continued Mongeon. Public practices that use Doc.It can literally get more done with fewer resources.
About Doc.It
Doc.It ( is a leading provider of the most advanced document management and workflow technology serving public accounting practices throughout North America. The Doc.It Suite includes everything your firm needs to go paperless and manage your firm's scheduling needs. At about $1/day/person, Doc.It leads the industry with the lowest total cost of document management, WorkFlow and scheduling technology. The Doc.It Suite includes:
·         Doc.It Archive 
·         Doc.It Work-in-Process Binder
·         Doc.It Publisher
·         Doc.It PDF Editor
·         Doc.It PDF Composer
·         Doc.It 2-way Client Web Portal
·         Doc.It WorkFlow Manager
·         Doc.It Scan and Forms Recognition
·         Doc.It Tax and Accounting Software Integration
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