Deltek Introduces New Federal Spending Profiles That Deliver Visibility on Contract Spending for 1,400 Federal Organizations

Deltek, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for government contractors and professional services firms, announced Federal Spending Profiles, a new offering within its GovWin IQ solution suite that delivers an in-depth view of contract spending across more than 1,400 federal departments, agencies, divisions, and offices. This new offering will empower business developers with critical information on contract spending that can help them better plan their near-term and long-term business development and capture strategies as well as provide a head start in understanding how sequestration will be implemented over time and within government organizations.

Deltek's new Federal Spending Profiles provide analytical views of contract spending on a variety of dimensions, including contractors, products and services, geographic locations, and contract channels within government agencies down to the military command, bureau, and sub-command level. This information helps government contractors identify best-fit government organizations they should target with their products and services, allowing contractors to develop more effective sales and business development strategies by arming them with the critical data they need to build business development and capture plans.
"The new GovWin IQ Federal Spending Profiles provides a body of knowledge - through one service - that was simply not available in the industry before," says Kevin Plexico, vice president at Deltek. "It offers companies a level of insight that can be used to find new government customers and understand their buying habits to sell to them more effectively."
By using Federal Spending Profiles, contractors will be able to see: 
  • Where, geographically, customers are spending their money.
  • What types of products or services customers are buying.
  • What contract vehicles customers are using.
  • Which organizations are increasing or decreasing their spending.
  • How those organizations are performing in utilizing small businesses.
Deltek's GovWin IQ provides the market intelligence tools and analysis government contractors need to compete effectively in the federal, state, and local government markets. Backed by the industry's largest team of government research and analysis experts, GovWin IQ provides the most powerful, comprehensive, and timely lead generation and business intelligence solutions available.