Cougar Mountain Software Introduces Cougar Dtails, A Sales Dashboard

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Cougar Mountain Software (CMS) introduces a new dashboard, Cougar Dtails, A Sales Dashboard, which is included with the release of CMS Professional 2011. This latest dashboard is more powerful and sports exciting new visuals designed to give users an up-to-the-minute picture of their overall business sales, according to the company.

With Cougar Dtails, A Sales Dashboard, CMS continues the expansion of the CMS Dashboard product line (Cougar Dtails, A Financial Dashboard) is CMS's successful first dashboard release). With Cougar Dtails, A Sales Dashboard, users will experience a more advanced and versatile dashboard that provides them with valuable and timely sales information.

Cougar Dtails, A Sales Dashboard provides a one-stop sales monitoring system for our CMS Professional 2011 users. It combines the database tables CMS Professional uses to compile five different reports into one interactive tool. Furthermore, the user has 17 views to track and monitor their sales. Users can track their sales as a whole, as well as in terms of inventory movement and customer purchasing. They can also view the dashboard data for any date range they choose and then filter it based on a selected data size, such as by day or month. There are multiple drill-downs throughout the dashboard, with additional sorting options for the top sales views.

Cougar Dtails, A Sales Dashboard pulls its sales data from the Point of Sale, Order Entry, Inventory, and Accounts Receivable modules within CMS Professional 2011. Consisting of three main category tabs, each displays the sales data in easy-to-read graphs.

  • The Sales Summary tab: a sales overview that includes six mini-views. The first mini-view uses three gauges for a sales comparison that tracks your sales against your projected quota per day, week, month, quarter, or year. The remaining five views display "Top Sales" by Product, Department, Salespeople, Vendor, and Location.
  • The Sales by Product tab: an inventory sales overview that uses heat maps to enhance which products are top sellers within the selected timeframe.
  • The Sales by Customer tab: a customer sales overview that also uses heat maps to illustrate which customers are driving sales within the selected date range.

Additionally, users can print or export every report that is generated through the dashboard. They can export the report data in multiple formats including .pdf, .csv, .xml, .doc, and more. This export and printing function is now also available for Cougar Dtails, A Financial Dashboard.

Users also have the ability to select date ranges, data size, and the number of "ranked" items they wish to see. The Sales Dashboard has multiple data views and customization options, including the ability to resize and move the views. This means they can expand a graph for visibility purposes or condense one they use less often, as well as select the colors used for the heat maps.

Senior Product Manager, Lori Pennington says of Cougar Dtails, A Sales Dashboard, "With the Sales Dashboard, users can quickly monitor their revenue status through multiple views and options. They can filter, sort, and drill down to important sales data for today or multiple years. They can also print or export the data quickly and easily to meet their business needs."

Cougar Dtails, A Sales Dashboard and an updated Cougar Dtails, A Financial Dashboard are both included with the release of CMS Professional 2011.

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