Consulting Services Firms Join NetSuite Solution Provider Program

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NetSuite Inc., a provider of cloud-based financials/ERP software suites, announced the latest technology and financial consulting services firms to join the NetSuite Solution Provider Program. These firms include SaaS Consulting Group, Protelo, Rose Financial Services, OSF Global Services, and Robinson Consulting Group, which all have seen the surge in demand for cloud solutions from clients who desire the efficiencies, flexibility, and cost benefits of the cloud.
Partnering with NetSuite enables these firms to capitalize on the growing market opportunities in the cloud and gives them access to a development platform and a line-up of cloud business management solutions, including NetSuite's core integrated suite that combines ERP/financials, customer relationship management (CRM), Services Resource Planning (SRP), Ecommerce software, and NetSuite OneWorld - a cloud computing solution that enables multinational and multi-subsidiary companies to manage their global financial consolidation and business operations.
"At NetSuite, we pride ourselves on creating the premier programs and ecosystems to foster the growth and success of our partners. It's very exciting and validating to announce these new and expanded relationships," said Craig West, NetSuite vice president of Channel Sales. "These leaders in financial services, management practices, and cloud computing strengthen our network and our mission to enhance businesses worldwide with modern, efficient, flexible, and scalable enterprise solutions mutually delivered by NetSuite and only the most valuable partners."
As NetSuite Solution Providers, the firms below can draw on their respective vertical domain knowledge and best practices, delivering end-to-end services ranging from deal qualification, customer acquisition, implementation, customization to customer support, and service. 
  • SaaS Consulting Group, a business advisory and consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program to help clients improve business processes by leveraging established and innovative cloud technology. Rapid implementations and word of mouth have made it possible for SaaS Consulting Group to attract and retain a roster of fast-growing clients interested in modernizing their systems and replacing costly, stand-alone systems. "After working with NetSuite in sales, finance, and operation roles at my previous company, and seeing the productivity benefits and increased security available in the cloud, I knew that we needed to be part of this growth," said Rob Gottschalk, SaaS Consulting Group CEO. "The NetSuite value proposition is very obvious to forward-thinking organizations. Our customers are realizing these benefits within weeks of implementation."
  • Protelo, a technology services firm based in Folsom, California, joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program to establish NetSuite as its business application partner. Founded in 2008, Protelo specializes in helping businesses in the wholesale, distribution, and light manufacturing industries modernize their legacy systems. Protelo quickly recognized that NetSuite's comprehensive, end-to-end business approach, and the multinational NetSuite OneWorld solution provided the single-most powerful and effective platform for its clients and market. The complex, multinational businesses that were once forced to run on mainframe systems or face multiyear implementations of outdated on-premise software can now modernize their operations with Protelo's expertise and NetSuite's flexible cloud architecture in a fraction of the time and cost. Protelo President Christer Johansson said, "NetSuite's vision for multinational markets, languages, currencies, and taxation rules, and the upmarket growth of NetSuite OneWorld are particularly appealing to us."
  • Rose Financial Services (RFS), a US-based finance and accounting outsourcing firm based in Rockville, Maryland, joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program to expand into the fast-growing market for cloud computing solutions. RFS was named #1 globally in finance and accounting outsourcing by the Black Book of Outsourcing. It serves a client base that spans a wide range of industries, including professional services, education, government agencies, health care, and biotech as well as global companies. Partnering with NetSuite to deliver both NetSuite OneWorld and NetSuite OpenAir gives RFS access to a development platform and solutions to help customers enhance multinational, multi-subsidiary operations with customer relationship management (CRM), services resource planning (SRP), and e-commerce capabilities. "We are excited to integrate NetSuite into our service offering. NetSuite has built and deployed a fully integrated, scalable SRP solution," said Ted Rose, president and CEO of Rose Financial Services. "In conjunction with our finance and accounting outsourcing services, NetSuite is just the solution many of our clients have been demanding." 
  • OSF Global Services (OSF), an application development and technology integration services company based in Quebec, Canada, expanded its cloud practice from NetSuite CRM+ to the complete range of NetSuite ERP and professional services offerings. OSF can now deliver NetSuite's end-to-end solution, including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, professional services automation (PSA), and NetSuite OneWorld. The expanded partnership with NetSuite allows OSF access to a lineup of cloud-based business management solutions from NetSuite that produce measurable results for its enterprise and multinational clients seeking to upgrade their antiquated client/server ERP systems to cloud ERP. "For several years, OSF has been configuring and implementing NetSuite's CRM software for our clients," said Gerard Szatvanyi, president and CEO of OSF Global Services. "We're excited to leverage our knowledge in business processes and structured project management to now deliver world-class services across the full range of NetSuite's business critical applications."
  • Robinson Group Consulting (RGC), a provider of strategic management consulting and technology implementation services based in Chicago, Illinois, joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program to develop the strength of its ERP and cloud computing portfolio. RGC serves diverse vertical markets spanning manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, financial services, not-for-profit, and higher education business sectors, providing implementation, customization and support services. By joining the NetSuite Solution Provider Program, RGC can help its clients meet their business needs with NetSuite by reducing IT and operational costs while improving productivity, agility, and flexibility. "Our collaboration with NetSuite allows us to meet the business challenges of our clients with a portfolio of innovative and proven cloud solutions," said Alana Ward Robinson, president and CEO of RGC. "RGC consultants have decades of experience in assisting companies to manage their businesses more efficiently. Offering NetSuite enables us to continue leading on the cutting edge."
Launched in 2002, the NetSuite Solution Provider Program is the industry's first cloud channel partner program and unites channel partners and their cloud opportunities. With cloud computing at the forefront of the hottest trends and cloud ERP leading business demand, NetSuite has seen the ongoing migration of channel partners from representing on-premise products like Sage and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains to NetSuite's cloud business management suite. Designed to help solution providers transform their business model to fully capitalize on the revenue growth opportunity of the NetSuite cloud, the NetSuite Solution Provider Program delivers services that begin during recruitment and range from business planning, sales, marketing, and PS enablement to training and education. 
NetSuite has deep and broad functionality, a robust development platform, and wide coverage of several key industry verticals. Third-party developers can leverage NetSuite's application functionality to accelerate their time to market, delivering new business applications in record time. Solution Providers are able to revitalize their businesses by delivering cloud computing solutions that deliver value to their customers. For more information about the NetSuite partner programs, please visit