CCH Small Firm Services and Evolution by iSystems Launch Payroll Offering

CCH Small Firm Services (SFS) and Evolution (by iSystems) announced November 8, 2012, a new partnership designed to offer payroll services to tax and accounting professionals of all sizes using the Evolution Payroll, HR and Tax Management system. The new partnership makes it easier than ever for tax preparers to offer their clients a broader range of services by drawing on the combined resources of two industry leaders.

The two companies plan a phased approach to tax and accounting professionals. Initially, SFS will work with its affiliated company CCH to bring Evolution's current payroll products to medium and large-sized tax and accounting firms. In 2013, the companies plan to reach out to smaller tax and accounting firms and sole practitioners with enhanced payroll services offerings tailored specifically to meet the needs of this traditionally underserved segment of the market. 
"We have always wanted to expand the relevance and reach of our products within the tax and accounting segment," said Evolution Chief Executive Officer Michael Trahan. "CCH Small Firm Services has a rich history serving the small firm segment of the market, while CCH has deep relationships with larger firms. Their experience with these segments and their understanding of the needs of tax and accounting firms, from sole practitioners to market-leading regional and national firms, makes them the perfect partner for this initiative."
While the partnership enables Evolution to reach a new segment of the market, it also gives SFS the opportunity to expand the range of products it offers to its core customers, a move their customers have been asking for.
"Tax and accounting professionals have been looking for ways to expand the range of products and services they can offer their clients," noted Jairam Padmanabhan, SFS vice president of Strategy. "Recent market data indicates more and more accountants are searching for a way to respond to increasing client demand for payroll services and establish a profitable new revenue stream for their firms. However, most existing payroll products currently available to accountants do not provide an efficient service delivery process. We think Evolution offers that solution, and this new partnership will make it possible for us, working with Evolution, to deliver a payroll services product that truly has the small practitioner first and foremost in mind."