CCH Small Firm Services and eFileCabinet Partner to Launch Portal Offering

CCH Small Firm Services (SFS), a Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting company, and eFileCabinet announced May 1, 2013, a new partnership designed to offer integrated portal/file sharing services to tax and accounting professionals. 

The combined resources of two industry leaders makes it easier than ever for tax and accounting professionals to offer their clients a broader range of services and service options.
The first product of the new partnership is PortalSafe, a web-based portal product enabling the safe, secure transmission and storage of important tax and accounting documents between tax and accounting professionals and their clients. PortalSafe utilizes technology developed by eFileCabinet and enhances that technology by providing seamless integration with TaxWise and ATX, the flagship tax products of SFS.
"We have strong roots in the tax and accounting industry, and we are always looking for more and better ways to serve that industry" said eFileCabinet President and CEO Matt Peterson. "CCH Small Firm Services has a rich history serving the small firm segment of the market. Their experience with this segment and their understanding of different ways these tax and accounting firms need to interact with their clients makes them the perfect partner."
The partnership is focused on delivering tools that improve office productivity. The integration of PortalSafe with ATX and TaxWise software makes it easier than ever before for tax and accounting professionals to offer portal/file sharing services. Their clients will benefit from the efficiency, quality, security, and speed of responsiveness made possible by PortalSafe. 
"The rapid evolution of technology is changing the way consumers can interact with tax and accounting professionals," noted Jason Marx, president of CCH Small Firm Services. "A product like PortalSafe makes it possible for tax and accounting professionals and their clients to safely and securely leverage that technology to create a client relationship that works for everyone. It makes the tax professional more productive and, by extension, more profitable. It's a win-win for everyone involved."
Tax and Accounting professionals can learn more about PortalSafe at