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Share this content's New Real-Time, Cloud-Based Cash Flow Feature

Jun 27th 2012
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Share this content, a leader in integrated bill payment, invoicing, and cash management solutions for businesses, has announced the general availability of its powerful cash management feature that completes the Cash Flow Command and Control System. This new feature leverages's proprietary, cloud-based accounts payable and accounts receivable systems to deliver a more fluid method of cash flow management than ever before possible.'s cash flow system is the only solution that connects user's banks, books, and business, enabling companies of all sizes to finally rid themselves of the cumbersome, error-prone, and highly manual spreadsheets that have plagued finance for decades.
The cash flow solution empowers finance leaders with a comprehensive view of their cash forecast and the ability to take immediate action with unprecedented control and precision. Unlike the spreadsheet-based cash flow management processes that most businesses rely on today, the Cash Flow Command and Control System links directly to the users' key financial sources, including accounting systems, to gather information and populate automatically.
Mac Frampton, co-owner, CFO, and artist for Alkahest Artists and Attractions, uses's powerful cash flow system to manage his concert business, which requires him to book and track forty artists as they perform across the country. Prior to, Frampton often had difficulty tracking payments and knowing his cash flow position at any given time.  His business relies on payments from clients which arrive at varying times based on when events take place.
"Before, there was a lot of human error involved in my books, so cash flow was hard to track.'s cash flow system has given me immediate precision control over my cash flow. It has been miraculous," Frampton said. "Not only do I have far superior knowledge of when I have enough money to make investments and when I need to tighten my belt, I can do this from my mobile device in real time, which is essential for someone who travels as much as I do."
With this new cash flow system, users also gain the ability to drill down into invoices, bills, contracts, and notes while forecasting cash.
Users can move items in and out to account for "what if" scenarios, countless variables, and more. The information easily can be adjusted and modeled, and the results are reflected in easy-to-understand, one-step charts and tables. Even data that isn't recorded in the system can be added seamlessly to provide businesses with the most intelligent cash flow forecasting system available today.
With the cash flow system, businesses can obtain a true reality check of their financial situation at any given point in time since payables and receivables information is updated automatically, instantaneously transforming into live and actionable data. In addition, helps companies understand the best times to collect money from customers or pay bills. It simplifies the ability to send reminders for payments due, then makes adjustments to project cash flow based on the expected date of payment or receipt, not just the original due date entered into a spreadsheet.
"Our new cash flow management is changing the game in how businesses make financial decisions by arming them with streamlined, clear data rather than complicated, cumbersome spreadsheets," said René Lacerte, founder and CEO of "As our Beta users' success has shown, real-time cash flow management helps businesses not just control their bottom line, but make the investments and decisions needed to manage and grow their businesses as aggressively and easily as possible."
For more information on how to sign up for a risk-free trial of the new cash flow solution from, please visit the website.

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