's New Certification Program for Accounting Firms

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On June 13,, a provider of integrated bill payment, online invoicing, and cash flow management solutions for businesses, rolled out a new certification program for accounting firms. The program provides accounting firms using with the opportunity to brand their business as a "Expert" or "Guru," acknowledging their ability to pass along tremendous benefits to customers via progressive cloud-based accounting practices. The Certification Program will help firms endorse their expertise in cloud-based finance management, enabling them to streamline back office operations and substantially grow business while maximizing their ROI.
" is pleased to introduce our official Expert and Guru Certification program to accounting firms nationwide," said Rene Lacerte, CEO and founder of "Our company has always been dedicated to forming quality, long-term relationships with our customers, and we developed this program to properly educate accountants on how to maximize's potential. The program is designed to help accountants build credibility in the cloud, improve pricing strategies and increase their bottom line." 
The unique certification program consists of self-directed online courses that offer accountants two types of certification based on the level of training completed: Expert and Guru. The Expert Certification helps accountants tailor custom solutions and automate processes for greater client efficiency. Instilled through the latest distance-learning techniques, the Expert curriculum covers advanced features, expert business process workflow solutions, and deeper product functionality. 
The Guru Certification elevates training to the next level, helping firms reengineer their own processes and deliver higher levels of service more profitably. The Guru curriculum helps firms operate more strategically while developing new revenue streams ‒ all with the same number of staff. As Gurus receive an advanced understanding of workflow scenarios via a set of multimedia tools, they emerge as true masters of profitable client management in cloud-based environments. 
Certification Program Levels Expert course topics include:
  • In-depth knowledge of, getting clients started and how the console works
  • Thorough understanding of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and document management capabilities
  • Streamlining workflow and maximizing efficiencies with Guru course topics include:
  • Optimized workflow best practices
  • Successful implementations and client workflow designs
  • Videos about successful implementations and client workflow redesign
  • Measuring ROI of implementations
  • Pricing strategies based on clients' unique workflow
Prior to the mainstream program rollout, invited a number of customers to participate in the certification program directly. To date, 112 firms and 186 individuals are already certified. Through the display of certified badges on their signatures, websites, and blogs, these firms and accountants are now able to exhibit a level of credibility above and beyond their competitors, boosting their visibility in the public eye and their perception as a trusted advisor. is the only client service solution that works with all major accounting software and every US bank, and clients benefit from the elimination of paperwork and the streamlined AP, AR, and cash flow management features the system provides. Becoming certified allows accounting practices to manage all of their clients from a single screen, also enabling them to increase their revenues and margins by providing higher-level advisory services, and increased service in general, without adding staff or costs. 
" is an important component of our growth strategy, and we felt it was critical to complete the Guru Certification process" said Calvin Wilder, SmartBooks's cofounder and a Guru. "The certification training provided us with the tools to improve our efficiency, allowing us to make more productive use of the time we spend supporting clients. With, we can deliver more value to clients while increasing our profit margin."
The Certification Program is offered to all accounting firms registered in the Accountant Program. For more information on the program, its benefits, and pricing, please visit: or