AuditMyBooks announces $50,000 not-for-profit giveaway

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AuditMyBooks, the creators of software that helps small businesses and not-for-profits protect their money by double-checking QuickBooks for errors and fraud, today announced a program that provides a free one-year subscription to their award winning software application, Analyzer AP.

Steve Bachman, CEO of AuditMyBooks said, "We were looking for a way to give back to the community of volunteers who run the tens of thousands of not-for-profit organizations across the United States. With our $50,000 giveaway, we can help protect many of those organizations from accounting errors and fraud."

Accounting errors and fraud are as common in not-for-profit organizations as they are in businesses. Experts claim that 60 percent of errors result from simple bookkeeping mistakes or misapplication of easily understood accounting standards, and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that not-for-profit organizations represent more than 10 percent of all fraud cases in the U.S. ACFE research also shows that not-for-profit suffer median fraud losses of nearly $90,000 per occurrence.

Several not-for-profit organizations are already using the newest release of AuditMyBooks Analyzer, which was announced on September 23, 2010.

Maury Margol, founder and director of the Wireless Technology Forum said, "Analyzer supports our goal of providing financial transparency to our organization's members, sponsors, and Board of Directors. The Wireless Technology Forum is a fast growing not-for-profit completely staffed by volunteers. AuditMyBooks Analyzer adds the extra oversight needed without further burdening the staff's busy schedules." Watch a Video of Maury Margol of the Wireless Technology Forum.

Organizations may be nominated for the AuditMyBooks $50,000 Not-For-Profit Giveaway by their accountant. Selection will be made from nominees who have a public Web site, a clear focus on community service, an IRS Not-For-Profit status, and can describe in 50 words or less how AuditMyBooks Analyzer can help their organization. Visit to register. Applications will be accepted until November 30, 2010, and awardees must install AuditMyBooks Analyzer by December 31, 2010.

About AuditMyBooks:

AuditMyBooks is a cloud based software company that helps small and medium businesses automatically double check their accounting records for errors and possible fraud. Designed to work with QuickBooks, the No. 1 small business financial software, AuditMyBooks Analyzer products are available in the Intuit App Center. Analyzer requires no installation and data security is provided by Intuit. AuditMyBooks is led by a team with extensive experience in financial auditing, accounting systems and information security. They saw a market need for a cost effective and easy-to-use solution that helps businesses identify suspect financial transactions to proactively reduce business risk. Drawing from techniques successfully used to detect information security threats such as viruses and spyware, AuditMyBooks helps businesses protect their resources and ensure their financial data is reliable for decision-making and reporting. Based in Atlanta, AuditMyBooks has earned awards from Intuit, the National Science Foundation, the Technology Association of Georgia and The Sleeter Group.