Arcplan unveils version of arcplan Edge

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Arcplan, an independent business intelligence solution provider, announced Version 2.0 of arcplan Edge, its budgeting, planning, and forecasting solution.

Following the acquisition a year ago of U.S. software company LumenSoft and its Excel-based planning and budgeting tool, arcplan has revised and enhanced arcplan Edge with additional collaboration and integration features, as well as a full integration into its arcplan Enterprise platform. Version 2.0 of arcplan Edge is available immediately.

Many budgeting, planning, and forecasting solutions attempt to eliminate the use of Excel, which causes budget owners and finance teams to work in Excel offline, thus creating a disconnected, inefficient process. In contrast to such solutions, arcplan Edge enables users to continue working within a Web-based environment and in familiar Microsoft Excel while benefiting from advanced planning and analytical capabilities.

With arcplan's flagship BI solution, arcplan Enterprise, functioning as a corporate performance management (CPM) server, arcplan Edge helps organizations automate time-consuming manual processes, cut costs, and boost efficiency. Financial staff and analysts who are comfortable working in Excel can complete their budgets more easily, while the Web-based CPM portal centralizes hundreds of planning and budgeting-related functions, from collaborative and workflow procedures to reporting and performance analysis.

Staying ahead of the curve with arcplan Edge 2.0

The new arcplan Edge 2.0 facilitates strategic analysis to help companies anticipate and plan for change. As the solution enjoys high user adoption once deployed, it allows organizations to increase the consistency and accuracy of budgets and forecasts across business units, functions, or regions. This helps managers model a range of scenarios - such as best case, worst case, and what ifs to understand how their business may perform under certain conditions.

Managers easily can analyze how changing market conditions will impact their company's performance and - crucially - make timely adjustments to tactics throughout the year if necessary. With a broad variety of reporting options, including traffic lights, variances, and timelines, arcplan Edge enables users to deliver information in various formats and turn reams of confusing data into actionable business insight.

Adapts to all types of enterprises

The latest version of arcplan Edge can be configured to suit the needs of any size or type of company. It includes adjustable templates to facilitate planning and budgeting as well as P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, and rolling forecast processes. Along with being easier to use, these templates are built on arcplan's extensive experience of best practices and accelerate enterprise-wide deployment of the solution.

Since arcplan Edge 2.0 is based on the arcplan Enterprise server, it lets users natively access a wide range of different data sources and incorporate this information in a single input layout or report. This guarantees data integrity while ensuring that all planning and budgeting staff are working from "a single version of the truth." The new version of arcplan Edge is also well-suited to international organizations as it is fully multi-lingual and offers users the convenience of online currency conversion.

While many budgeting solutions impose process changes on a company, arcplan Edge's flexibility allows companies to adapt it to their own budgeting processes and cycles, minimizing disruption and maintaining productivity. Also, its sophisticated workflow and collaboration options help smooth information sharing throughout the enterprise, whether at a single location or among multiple sites around the globe.

Time and cost savings

"arcplan Edge 2.0 combines the best of both worlds," said Detlef Kamps, CEO of arcplan. "Its Web and Excel interfaces mean it can be used with little to no learning curve, as planning and budgeting staff are already using these tools. Added to the intuitive interface is the analytical power and scalability of SOA-based arcplan Enterprise. The result is excellence in corporate performance management with shortened planning cycles and reduced operating costs."

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